A commercial water heater is a must for large buildings or office complexes or other service oriented business establishments like hospitals, restaurants, Laundromats, and sometimes even in large residences.

Commercial Water Heater Installation

When it comes to buying commercial water heaters, the most important factor to be taken into account is the installation of these appliances. Since, these units are large in size to cater to a bigger number of people; they also require an expert’s services for installation as it is a complicated process. Moreover, there is always a chance that the unit may get damaged during the time of installation, which won’t be covered by the company warranty. So to be on the safe side, it’s best to call over an expert who is experienced at installing a commercial water heater as well as in electricity and heating industries. So before you purchase a commercial water heater, it’s preferred that you find out the conditions of its warranty as that will also contribute towards making a sound final decision.

Commercial Water Heater Buying Factors

Buying a commercial water heater is never an easy job. There are many things you must consider and some of them are:

1.    Is there warranty against leaks on the water heater?
2.    Will the company provide service or repair on parts that get damaged?
3.    Do you have all the required permits to get a commercial water heater installed at your premise?
4.    Do you know a professional who can install the unit without damaging it during installation?
5.    Do you have the right type of piping as specified by the unit’s manufacturer?
6.    Do you know what types of noises will the commercial heating unit make once it’s installed?
7.    Of course, the price of the unit and your budget are also two important considerations.

Other things you must keep in mind are never to remove the heater from its factory packaging unless the professional installer is by your side. You should also contact your zoning board to get a list of specifications required for installing the water heater.

Another thing you must consider is that PVC piping won’t work with commercial heaters. Therefore, it’s a good idea to understand the kind of piping that is required as well as the noise or sound that the heater unit will make once it’s installed. Once you recognize the difference between normal water heater sound and a different sound, you’ll be able to identify issues with the unit, if and when they arise.

Commercial Water Heater Types

There are different types of commercial water heaters and are available in almost the same types that residential heater units are available in. These include storage tank commercial heaters, tankless commercial hot water heaters, and even water heater pumps. The various fuels that can be used for these units include oil, gas, electricity, and solar power. Today, environmentally commercial water heaters are a rage in the market, as high efficiency units that save on fuel costs and release lesser levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are available with fringe benefits.

As you shop for commercial water heating units you’ll find that you can get appliances that offer a whopping 98% energy efficiency for the ones that work on electricity. Gas fueled commercial water heaters offer 80 to 95% energy efficiency. However, that being said it must also be pointed out that the operational costs of a commercial gas water heater is less than that of commercial electric water heater.

However, the best way to derive maximum energy efficiency from a commercial water heater is by choosing between a storage tank unit and a tankless one. While you may end up using just 70% of the stored water, but pay for maintaining a tank full of water you also end up paying more towards your energy bills. One way to save on your energy bulls is by making you’re the storage unit is completely insulated with the best insulation material available to reduce heat loss. Compared to that, a tankless commercial unit tends to provide you a more energy efficient choice because they don’t have a tank to store water thus reducing cost of constantly heating water.

If you are very environmentally conscious, installing a solar powered commercial water heater will turn out be a very economical option. Though, we must warn you that the initial cost of installation may be high as compared to its counterparts, solar water heating units are best for commercial properties that are located in hot climates to make the most of sun’s energy.

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