There are many different types of water heaters to choose from and direct vent water heater is one of the types that good to invest in when most other type of water heaters become impractical to use.

What Is A Direct Vent Water Heater

There are times when you may wish to change from an electric water heater to a gas heater. There could also be times when you shift into a new house that has some difficult corners to maneuver for installing a water heater. At times like these, direct vent water heater comes to your rescue. Such water heaters have in built venting systems that use a 2-pronged pipe (or concentric pipe) to grab in air from the outside and throw out the exhaust through a sidewall instead of the roof. Moreover, direct vent water heaters are designed to create air tight combustion chambers to avoid backdrafts (or the system via which gas can escape into the atmosphere around the unit directly).

Buying A Direct Vent Water Heater

If you are interested in buying a direct event water heater, you will definitely want to buy one that offers you maximum value for minimum value possible. One of the best places to look for direct vent hot water heaters is the Internet. There are plenty of websites that offer competitive rates for most types of water heaters and is one of them. However, be careful when buying online and read the reviews and opinions of those who have bought these water heaters before making your purchase.

Here are some points you should look for when buying and installing a direct vent water heater:

1.    Look for a direct vent hot water heater that has a fan assisted and sealed combustion chamber and draws the air directly from outside.
2.    A direct vent heater will require either two pipes or one concentric pipe that connects the water heater through the wall/roof of your home and one each to let out for the exhaust and fresh air for combustion.
3.    Typically you should install this type of unit in tight places as it works best in such spaces.
4.    Make sure the water heater is sealed properly with a seal cover and doesn’t draw any air from the area it is installed in your home.
5.    Since direct vent water heaters can be vented either vertically or horizontally, just consult your plumber before getting it installed.

Top Direct Vent Water Heater Models

Paloma 7.4 Series High Volume Residential Direct Vent Gas Tankless Indoor Water Heater (PH28RDVS)

Price: $1,050.00

Paloma direct vent indoor water heater has a sensing burner as well as an ICAD Safety System that optimizes combustion and automatically shuts down the heater in case of elevated levels of CO. The flame failure safety device is also a safety feature.


•    Auto recovery facility
•    Continuous and uninterrupted hot water on demand
•    Energy saving
•    Compact design for space saving
•    Programmed for self-diagnostics
•    Self-diagnostic program
•    Digital remote control
•    Intelligent technology for better efficiency and improved safety
•    Built-in electric blower
•    12-Year heat exchanger warranty; 5-Year parts warranty; and 1-Year service warranty
•    Low NOx emissions that meet SCAQMD Rule 1121 requirements

Rheem 180kbtu Tankless Water Heater Direct Vent

Price: $725.99

Rheem Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater is designed to provide hot water to at least 2-3 bathrooms in your home. It produces 6.6 gallons/m of hot water.


•    Energy efficient design
•    Low cost operation
•    Compact size can be fitted anywhere
•    Precise Temperature Control
•    In built self diagnostic
•    High quality
•    Grey color
•    Dimensions: 9.9 x 13.9 x 25.6 inches; 54 pounds

Bosch 2400ES-NG Natural Gas AquaStar Natural Gas Tankless Direct Vent Water Heater

Price: $1,098.95

Bosch Aquastar gas tankless direct vent water heater is a whole house unit that uses gas or propane to heat water. It’s a powerful unit with 175, 000 BTU input and offers continuous supply of hot water, whenever you need it.


•    Direct vent room-sealed combustion
•    Electronic ignition with built in vent
•    Capacity to replace 75gn storage tank water heater
•    Optional Accessories available: Horizontal Vent Kit and Remote Thermostat.
•    Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 11 inches; Weight: 67 pounds
•    Max GPM @ 45F
•    Rise: 6.4
•    Energy Factor: Natural Gas 0.85/ Liquid Propane 0.86
•    Vent Size: 3″ (SS)/ Gas Connection: 3/4″
•    Water Connections: 3/4″
•    12-year warranty on heat exchanger; 2-years warranty on parts

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