Do you know that an oil water heater can save you money?

Oil fired hot water heaters are an old concept and have been used for many decades to provide hot water to your home. In this article we will discuss how you can make your oil hot water heater, if you have one, more energy efficient. After all, in today’s times where the cost of fossil fuel and petrol is rising by the minute, energy saved is money earned. Since heat can be lost quickly due to many reasons, the idea is to ensure that you prevent the heat from escaping for a more fuel and energy efficient water heating unit, without making any compromise whatsoever.  One of the best and inexpensive ways to ensure proper insulation of the water tank is with the help of an insulation jacket. An insulation jacket costs around $20 -$30 but the saving you get are worth a lot more. Sealing all joints as well as seams with a thick plastic or vinyl tape also ensure that heat can’t escape from the tank easily. If you are unsure how what joints to seal, get the help of a plumber.

Oil Water Heater And Ways To Save Money

Since oil water heaters use oil as fuel to heat water, it’s important that you regularly maintain your water heater for enhanced performance and operational economics. Some of the ways in which you can save money by being cautious and careful but without too much effort are elaborated below:

1.    Check that all your pipes, hot water and cold water are leak free and damage free.
2.    Check your heater’s control valves to make sure that they are not jammed or rusting.
3.    Make sure your heater’s shut off valves are located in their correct positions. If the shut off valve is installed improperly, it can prove to be very expensive as well as dangerous because there are chances of an explosion! The correct position of a shut off valve is on the cold water inlet pipe. Hot water pipe should not have a shut off valve.
4.    Another place to check for leaks is the drain valve. According to manufacturers and water heating experts, drained your hot water heater on a regular basis, 1-2 times/year, will ensure the longevity of the unit. How? Because periodic drainage is an effective way to remove sediment buildup, sludge, and mineral deposits that accumulate at the bottom of the storage tank due to regular use. Regular draining of the storage tank is especially recommended for electric and gas hot water heater. While most owners tend to overlook the importance of this step, when they do require opening the drain valve, they may face issues opening or closing it.
5.    Ensure all your faucets and showers etc are leak-free. Taps that don’t close properly drain not just hot water but also money. For example: one leaking drop of water per second works out to be 2,300 gallons on an annual basis!
6.    You can also save energy and money by insulating the pipe that carries hot water from the tank to your home. Oftentimes, heat is lost during transfer from tank to tap. By insulating the popes, you will save on fuel and increase heating efficiency.
7.    Another good way to optimize your oil water heater performance is by installing air mixers as well as economizers at the source of the hot water (read – taps, shower heads, etc). Doing this helps you cut back on consumption of hot water.

A little bit of timely effort can go a long way to ensure the oil water heater you have been using for some time, works in a seamless manner for many more years. However, if you water heater crosses the age of 20 years, it’s time to change the unit. As water heaters age, they become a liability, increasing running costs and eating into your savings. Besides, technology keeps changing frequently and new models are a lot more energy efficient than old ones.

Remember, share this information with your family members and friends so that they can also benefit from these methods to save money, energy and contribute a little towards making this world a better place for everyone.

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