If you love to hike or camp outdoors and believe it’s the perfect way to have a vacation, you should consider getting a portable hot water heater. Are you the kind who loves to wash your face in a water fall or perhaps take a bath at a running creek? Do you relish the cold water or do you prefer warm showers even when camping in the boondocks?

A tent, warm blankets, an air mattress, and a portable hot water heater are the ‘must haves’ for those who love the outdoors and don’t care much about luxury accommodations. Portable water heaters have been made with the objective of allowing people to enjoy hot water, whether for a shower or for cooking or washing clothes or dishes in the outdoors where there is no supply of hot water.

One of the most popular portable hot water heater brands is the Zodi. This high performing device has two burners and can easily manage heating up the cold water of the creek even in early winter. The Zodi even has a water tank that can store from up to 4 to 50 gallons of water so that you don’t run out of hot water quickly. A 4 gallon capacity tank allows you to have a shower for around 10 minutes. Costing around $250, the Zodi is compact and comes with its own carrying case.

Some of the other brands for portable heaters are Lakewood, Coleman, Kenmore, Rheem, and Eccotemp. Typically all these appliances are made out of rugged material such as steel, so that they are durable and can handle the stress of traveling. Portable heaters require 4 D-type batteries and can quickly be attached to any source of water for instant hot water supply.

You can start a portable water heater by pushing the ignition switch. A portable water heating apparatus also comes with many other accessories like an 8-foot shower hose that’s attached with a multi-face shower head. If you don’t like taking a shower under the open sky, you can also invest in a portable shower stall that’s like a frame shower stall covered with a light weight cover. It gives you privacy while ensuring you enjoy your shower.

Considering how popular hot water heaters have become off late, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have changed the way people camp or travel to boonies now. Not only do they give you the advantage of enjoying hot water anytime you want it, but they also cut down on your discomfiture as a result of this. Some of the many advantages of portable hot water heaters are:

1)    They give you freedom from heating water over fire, which is a cumbersome and time consuming task, especially if you want to heat large volume of water.
2)    Portable hot water heaters are convenient, safe, and easy to use.
3)    They help save time and fossil fuels, so are environmentally friendly.
4)    These appliances are child friendly as well. So if you are camping out with children, you can relax knowing that your child will be safe when operating the appliance.
5)    You can simply use your portable water heater to pump up water from any available water source around your camping site.
6)    Since they have a power source, you don’t need to do anything but push start the ignition.
7)    The heating assembly mechanism not just heats the water, but also supplies hot water to the shower head so that you can enjoy a relaxing hot bath in cold winter.
8)    Portable hot water heaters are designed to produce different degrees of hot water as per requirement.
9)    Most portable water heaters heat water irrespective of the temperature of the water source. This is especially useful in areas where the water is very cold or almost frozen.
10)    With a mobile hot water heater by your side you can have fun outdoors without have to spend time worrying about heating water over a fire every time you need to have a shower, a cup of tea or cook food.
11)    Fitted with rechargeable cells, you’ll never be out of power supply when camping in the remotest of areas.

With so many advantages, buy a portable hot water heater is a fantastic investment for you if you love the outdoors and want to enjoy a memorable vacation with worrying about the mundane.

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