Power vent water heaters are commonly known as NG (natural gas) or Propane water heaters. As the name suggests, power vent water heaters have different venting systems than those on traditional water heaters, making them versatile and easy to use as well as install. The ease of installation and the fact that these water heaters can be installed in tight spaces and corners, have contributed to the growing popularity of these units. Moreover, their energy efficiency levels are high which helps in reducing your electricity bills leading to substantial savings.

So in this article, we are going to understand what power vent water heaters are all about and what you should know about them before investing in one for your home.

Where Should You Install Power Vent Hot Water Heaters?

Power vent water heaters rely on a combustion fan to draw out the hot air and gases and release them into the atmosphere. Since hot air or gas doesn’t always have to take the upward path for being released, you can also install a pipe that releases them sideways, making the installation of the power vent hot water heaters easier than expected. If you live in a small house without the facility of a chimney or a thick metal pipe that could let out the hot gases. Natural draft sort of vents allow the hot gases to rise through a diverter and out through the chimney or metal pipes directly into the atmosphere.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Power Vent Water Heaters?

While a power vent water heater can be good for smaller homes or those without proper exhaust systems, these units do have many drawbacks as well. Some of these shortcomings can be sorted out by common methods, but other may not have a solution just yet. Let’s take a look at some of these drawbacks.

1.   Loud Sound Of Exhaust Fan – as the fan grinds to suck out the waste air and release it outside your home; it may make loud noise that can become louder over the years. One of the best ways to reduce this noise pollution is to install the fall in an areas away from the house like a laundry area or some such. Essentially, keep the fan away from crowded areas of your house. Make sure there is enough air to be blown out as well as a power outlet is available close to the electric fan.

2.    Cost Of Installation – an important thing to remember when getting a power vent water heater is the cost of installing it. Typically the cost can be 30 to 40 % over and above that of installing a natural draft vent. Nevertheless, that being said since power vent units are an excellent water heating solution for tightly constructed home where normal draft vents are unavailable, it may be a good idea to consult an expert in this regards.

How Do Power Vent Water Heaters Work?

As mentioned earlier, a power vent water heater is one of the most energy efficient ways to get hot water in your home. These units use exhaust air from outdoors and boast of Energy Star ratings as well as promote clean air in the house.

Replacing the electric water heater has never been easier. Power vent units use indoor air to combust and ignite to heat water for your consumption. All you need to make sure of is the fact that the unit is placed close to one of the external walls of your home. Since this device uses a one-way combustion technology that allows for air to come in but none for going out, it requires an exhaust fan to do that bit of hard work. Power vent hot water units operate on sensors and therefore, can detect any abnormally burning makes them a safe and preferred choice. In case of any smoke, the heater’s pilot light automatically shuts down and gas supply is cut off.

A power vent water heater uses both electricity and gas to heat water. Typically, the warm water available at the top of the storage tank is heated first, while the cold water at the base of the storage tank is warmed at the same time by the gas burner. However, if the warm water supply is used up before the cold water is heated; you may only get cold water!

Look around for power vent water heaters based on various factors explained above to find the one that’s constructed perfectly for your situation.

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