Looking for water bed heaters? Read this article first to know all about the types, the ways to maintain them and use them. This is a brief but detailed water bed heaters guide that gives you as much information on these heaters as possible so that you can make the right choice.

Buying a waterbed heater is primarily dependent on your climate. For example, those of you who live in colder regions in the US, or the world, where winters are exceptionally chilly, water bed heaters are a ‘must-have.’ Water bed heater works in such climates because water has the ability to absorb the chill from the surroundings and the heater can keep you warm and comfortable while you sleep. No longer will you have to worry about freezing temperatures or inches of snow outside your home, because with such a bed heater in your home, you’ll never experience extremely cold nights in your beds ever again. Besides this, waterbed heaters are also good for your health; they improve your blood circulation, while soothing body pains or fatigue.

What Are Water Bed Heaters Made Of?

Water bed heaters are similar in mechanism to your regular household heaters. However, they have heating coils covered in a strong plastic casing to prevent any short circuit. These heaters also have thermostat and temperature sensor to ensure you can adjust the heat as you require. The heating mechanism in water bed heaters allows the device to heat the water to a temperature equivalent to a human being’s normal body temperature or 28 degrees. Nevertheless, you can also adjust the thermostat to ensure that you get cool water on days that aren’t unbearably cold.

Waterbed heaters are generally made from rubber or then, vinyl. The older heaters created an Electromagnetic Field (EMF); the EMF doesn’t cause any bodily harm, but those on electrically receptive medical apparatus like pacemakers need to be careful regarding the EMF rating of your product. Consulting a physician before using the heater is also a good idea.

Types Of Water Bed Heaters

Broadly speaking there are 3 primary types of waterbed heaters. These are:

1.    Standard cap and bulb heaters
2.    Solid state heaters
3.    Softside heaters

Standard Cap & Bulb Water Bed Heater – This heater works on ethylene gas which flows inside copper coils.

Solid State Water bed Heater – Controlled by a computer chip, it’s the chip that adjusts the heat to warm the water. These types of heaters are by far the most energy efficient waterbed heaters out of all the other types.

Softside Water Bed Heater – This are, as the name suggests, softside water bed mattress type of heater. Operating on low energy levels, the softside water beds are suitable for those who enjoy soft beds.

Waterbed Heater Maintenance

Below are the top 3 every day care tips for your new water bed heater that can add a few years more to its life span.

1.    Don’t use metal screws, brackets, or such hardware inside your heater mattress frame as it can damage its plastic or vinyl casing as it can cause unnecessary wear and tear. The best way to do it is that you wrap thick duct tape over metal protrusions or rough wood spots.

2.    It’s a well known fact that oil and salt combined, over a period of time, can spoil vinyl leading to a breakdown of its composition. Therefore, to ensure your vinyl water bed stays protected, use a heavy mattress pad on the water bed heater.

3.    One of the best and tested ways to ensure that your water bed heater stays in excellent condition is to clean the surface with a gentle cleaner available for this specific purpose. However, don’t wipe the surface every day, it’s best to do it on a quarterly basis or once in 3 months and 4 times a year.

Water Bed Heater Model

Classic Sleep Elegance Softside Midfill Waterbed – 236885XXX
Price: $1,100.00

This Classic Sleep water bed heater is designed to ensure those using it experience maximum comfort and a peaceful night’s sleep every time. Get maximum comfort because of foam topper and hollofill fibers and quiltflex layers. Extra strength is given by a solid pine foundation.

1)    Available in 3 sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, & King
2)    Naturally colored, soft and durable European Damask Cover
3)    Inside cover with 2layers hollofill fiber; 1layer quiltflex
4)    Solid pine foundation
5)    High density foam perimeter for extra & durable edge support
6)    Heater comes with rails, shells, foam topper, liner & foundation
7)    Bladder kit available separately

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  1. “The older heaters created an Electromagnetic Field”

    Wrong! The NEW proportional ones create huge amounts of dirty EMF at much higher frequencies than 60Hz. The old ones closed a simple mechanical switch so the only EMF possible was the line frequency itself, (no harmonics at all). The new ones chop the line waveform like a light dimmer creating higher frequency harmonics similar to a that produced by a square wave. A simple unshielded wire plugged into an unfiltered audio amplifier easily confirms what I am reporting here.

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