You should seriously consider getting a Rheem electric water heater if you are looking for a reliable water heating system for your office or residence.

Rheem is known for its various models of water heaters that include gas-powered heaters, solar heaters, and electric water heaters.

Among these models, the Rheem electric water heaters are preferred by most residential users and building contractors for ease of use and uncomplicated installation.  

Common Applications of Rheem Water Heaters

Versatility is one of the strongest attributes of Rheem’s water heaters.  No matter what your requirements are, Rheem will have a water heating unit that will certainly meet your needs.

Rheem can provide big water heaters with full capacity of up to 85 gallons for big homes, commercial establishments, and big offices or facilities.

There are also midrange 20 to 40 gallons electric water heaters which are suitable for family homes, small clinics, and city offices.  And if you need point-of-use water heaters, then you can have the 2.5 gallons portable electric water heaters of Rheem.

Because of the wide range of choices available for you, it is not really difficult to decide which type of water heater will satisfy your unique requirements.

The only thing left for you to do is to identify the features of the water heater you need.  By knowing the specific strengths of a Rheem electric water heater, you will be able to decide wisely which particular model will bring good value for you.

High Energy Efficiency and Superior Quality

Rheem has always been proud of its tradition for excellence and quality.  In its 90 years of existence, the electric water heaters of Rheem earned considerable acclaim in the industry for maintaining excellent quality and high energy efficiency.

Some of the best models of Rheem water heaters have corrosion resistant tanks.  For example, the Rheem/Rudd Marathon models have fiberglass construction which virtually eliminates rusting and degradation.  The best part is that you still get lifetime limited warranty on the tanks which shows the confidence of Rheem on the durability of its tank construction.

Most important of all, Rheem water heaters are certified energy efficient by Energy Star.  The company has partnered with this institution to ensure that its products can deliver high efficiency performance.

Today, the Rheem electric water heaters belong to the top 25 percent in terms of energy efficiency.  It is estimated that you can save as much as 40 percent on your utility bills if you use Rheem water heaters compared to using conventional standard efficiency electric water heaters.

Recommended Rheem Electric Water Heaters

1.  Rheem MR50245 Marathon — This electric water heater is a consistent favorite for residential and commercial use. It has received consistent high ratings from consumers for ease of installation, durability, and maximum efficiency.

The MR50245 Marathon can heat up to 50 gallons of water and maintain high temperature because of its Polyurethane Enviro-Foam insulation.  This unit has the highest energy efficiency factor (EF) designed to reduce energy consumption.

The polybutylene tank has several layers of fiberglass exterior which ensure superior strength and durability. The model has a thermally fused upper element which helps protect the heater from dry-firing.

The Rheem Marathon water heater is suitable for big homes and offices and can be installed easily by a competent contractor.

2.  Rheem 81VP2S — This water heater has the capacity to heat 2.5 gallons of water and would be suitable for smaller homes and offices.  The Rheem 81VP2S is a point-of-use indoor electric water heater with a very compact construction and can be installed anywhere.

It features a patented R-Foam insulation for excellent heat retention and an automatic thermostat so you can enjoy your desired water temperature anytime.  This water heater has a built-in wall bracket to facilitate hassle-free wall mounting and installation.

If you need a Rheem electric water heater, then the MR50245 Marathon and the Rheem 81VPS2 models are probably your best and safest options.

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