The Titan electric water heater offers a revolutionary approach to provide hot water for every home and office.  Titan specializes in producing sleek and tankless water heaters that can be mounted easily on the wall.

So, there is no need for you to worry about space restrictions or costly multiple installations.  All you need to do is to mount Titan electric water heaters to enjoy an endless supply of hot water anytime you want.

Titan is a young company that creates exclusive tankless electric water heaters.   Today, Titan has integrated digital technology and space age electronics to its new releases of tankless electric water heaters

Suitability of Titan Electric Water Heaters

Whether you live in warmer or colder climates, the Titan tankless water heaters would be suitable for you.  Some years back, these water heaters are only ideal in regions where the flow of water is warmer. However, Titan upgraded its models and introduced the new N120 heaters that can work well in regions where the flow of water is colder.

You can effectively use the Titan water heater whether you have a small or big home.  A single unit can provide heated water for the whole house.  If you have a large multi-story residence, then you can use two units to effectively deliver hot water for the entire home.

A Titan electric water heater is also suitable for medical institutions, hotels, commercial buildings, and corporate offices.  The compact construction of the heater makes it an ideal heating appliance for establishments that want to save floor space.

Enjoy Big Savings from Titan Tankless Electric Water Heaters

You can enjoy big savings from electric hot water heaters.  First, a unit of Titan water heater is substantially cheaper than heaters with tanks.

For example, the retail price of the state of the art Titan N120 is only around $200 to $250.  On the other hand, a standard unit of conventional water heater with tank will set you back by more than $1,000.

The energy efficiency of a tankless water heater is far superior to conventional water heaters.  A Titan unit has 99.5 percent energy efficiency and can deliver 60 percent reduction in your energy bills.

Installation of a Titan unit is fast, easy, and inexpensive.  There is no need for you to pay for expensive installation service because the Titan water heater can be installed quickly by any competent installer.  The speed and ease of installation will reduce professional charges and fees.

Aside from the monetary savings that you can enjoy, a tankless water heater is also a big space saver.  For example, the Titan N120 model has a general dimension of 10-inches x 7-inches x 2.75-inches.  It is no bigger than a standard electric box and far smaller than a wall-mounted medicine cabinet.

So there is no need for you to allocate limited floor space which is the case if you have conventional water heaters.  A tankless water heater can fit in tight spaces and can be installed on walls near the water line.

Recommended Titan Electric Water Heater

Titan SCR2 N120 — The N120 model is the latest release from Titan and features state of the art digital technology.  The temperature control utilizes digital functions so you can tweak its settings with simple push of the button.  It can deliver hot water for a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

This unit can deliver hot water on demand thus eliminating the need for storing and reheating.  The N120 water heater will heat water passing through its heating systems which gives you an endless supply of hot water for washing, showering, and for taking baths.

The N120 features a thermostat on the front panel to facilitate ease of use.  This unit has digital electronic systems that continuously monitor the temperature of water flowing in the pipe line.

It will set the heating levels automatically.  So when you open the shower or faucet, you will surely enjoy the desired temperature levels of the water.

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