Even if you have a water heater, it can sometimes be quite difficult to keep the water hot and that is where a water heater blanket comes in handy. In fact, research states that one of the biggest energy consuming exercises in households across the world is that of heating water. The exercise is even tougher if you happen to have a water heater storage system as compared to the “on-demand” hot water system.

If you have the traditional tank storage system type of water heater installed at home then getting a water heater blanket will prove useful. This blanket is not expensive at all and it will help save on high energy consumption as well by keeping water hot for longer duration. Normally, water heaters that are more than a couple of years old, require a water heater blanket. This is because they might not be insulated sufficiently. How do you know if your water heater has sufficient insulation or not? All you have to do is feel either side of the tank. If it is warm then you need a water heater blanket.

Popularly known as the insulating jacket, the heater blanket can reduce overall heat loss from your water heater by as much as 25% to 40%. This means that you will actually be saving as much as 9% on your annual costs towards water heating.

So are you ready to install a water heater blanket? Not yet. You will need to first check the manual that was provided with the heating system. In case of specific water heaters, manufacturers mention that a heater blanket is not necessary. So you need to first find if anything like that is mentioned in your manual as well.

If nothing is mentioned on the manual then you can go ahead and purchase a water heater blanket. These blankets are easy to install and are always available with necessary instructions to assist in installation. If you have installed an electric water heater then you should visit the Department of Energy website. The website has a downloadable guide to installation of an insulating blanket. If you have installed an oil or gas heater then it is advisable to let a plumber do the installation for you as it is a complex process.

How to Install a Water Heater Blanket

Step#1: Before installing the water heater jacket, you need to ensure that the settings of your thermostat are less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that the wiring doesn’t get overheated. You can also place an insulating bottom board right under the heater tank in order to prevent any heat loss.

Step#2: Now turn off the water heater.  If you have installed an electric water heater then turn off the circuit breaker.  If you have a gas water heater then you need to rotate the gas valve to Pilot position.

Step#3: Create more room. Clean the area around the water heater and clear any extra things strewn around so that you have enough space to move around freely and do your work.

Step#4: Now, spread open the water heater blanket.  Use a dust mask and a pair of gloves so that you are not exposed to the fiberglass.

Step#5: Measure the height of the water heater using a measuring tape and cut the water heater blanket accordingly.

Step#6: Now gradually wrap the water heater blanket around the heater and use tape to temporarily hold it there.

Step#7: Now use a pen to mark the areas where the heater controls are located. Cut the heater blanket in and around the controls. In an electric water heater the controls are situated on the side. Ensure that the holes are a little wider than the exact measurement of the control area. You need to also mark the area around the pressure relief valve and pipe. You can use a knife, or scissor to cut the blanket to size and fitting.

Step#8: Once the blanket is wrapped around the heater leaving the controls and pressure relief pipe, tape the water heater blanket permanently.

Step#9: Turn the water heater back on.

Now every time you use the water heater, you will be saving at least 9% on overall energy costs.

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