Bock water heaters were introduced into the water heater market around the 1950’s. The man responsible for introducing state of the art water heaters in 1955 was Oscar Bock, who was the founder of the company. He is famous across the world for having invented the original multi-finned flue, which in 1960 was patented under Turboflue®. Since the early 1960’s, engineers from Bock have been responsible for developing as well as utilizing Turboflue to create a strong foundation for Bock water heaters.

Before the Bock water heaters are manufactured, they are invented in their technologically advanced laboratory. Bock is considered as one of the top companies in the world when it comes to heating solutions and this is mainly due to their commitment towards integrating some of the most innovative product designs. One of the highlights of their product manufacturing process is that while applying innovative concepts to create water heaters, Bock also ensures that there is no compromise in the overall quality and performance of their water heaters.

Why Choose

TURBOFLUE® – This is one of the greatest inventions by Bock and has catapulted their product sales exponentially since the use of the technology. Today Turboflue is considered as the most advanced heat exchanger in the entire water heater industry. Oscar Bock, the owner of the company invented this multi-finned flue in 1955. The uniqueness of this heat exchanger lies in the fact that it consists of hundreds of so called fins that have been welded together creating a spiral design. The fins have been welded together to the interior walls of the flue. In fact, Turboflue was considered to be so unique that Bock had to actually invent or create a machine that was able to make multi-finned flue. He also patented the machine used for creating Turboflue. The highlight of the multi-finned flue is that the fins welded together are able to transfer more heat in the shortest possible time to the water. This helps in minimizing the overall heat loss.

Energy Star – Standard tankless water heaters by Bock are available with Energy Star ratings. According to bock, the energy factor of their water heaters range from 0.96 to 0.99. The energy factor of electric-resistance tankless Bock water heaters can be as high as 0.99 and in such a scenario it will consume 4,435 kilowatt-hours in each year of operation. This shows that you will be able to enjoy savings of at least 8.7% as compared to heaters with the Federal standard energy factor of 0.904.

Ciglass® – Ciglass is basically another innovation by Bock. It is a type of durable porcelain enamel glass, which is normally used for lining the tanks of bock water heaters as well as for lining the Turboflue. It is extremely resistant to aggressive and contaminated water.

Warranty – Bock water heaters are available with a 5 year limited warranty on the steel tank for single family installations and 3 year limited warranty on the steel tank for all commercial installations.

What Do They Specialize In

Bock water heaters are renowned across the world and the US because of their high quality construction, highly efficient performance and durability. As of date, they are considered to be the world leader in oil fired water heaters. Some of the things that Bock hot water heaters specialize in are:

  1. Easy access for inspection using a spring loaded inspection door. Can be easily operated as well as maintained.
  2. Bock water heaters consist of a hand-cast refractory lined combustion chamber, which is one of a kind in the industry. It ensures better retention of heat, better combustion, warmer starts, and also helps in reducing noxious emissions.
  3. Comes with a factory installed T&P valve
  4. Accessible and tamper proof brass drain valve.
  5. Double pressure tested water heaters
  6. Center flue design, which helps in increasing the life of the water heater.
  7. Bock water heaters come with fully welded tank skirt. This helps in preventing any noxious flue gas to escape from the space between the jacket and the tank.
  8. Fiberglass insulation helps in minimizing any standby heat loss.
  9. Energy-Saving and patented Turbofins

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

Bock has an impressive range of water heating products and water heaters that have been manufacturer using state of the art and patented technology. Some of the latest range of Bock water heaters in commercial and residential categories.

1.    Oil Fired
2.    Gas Fired
3.    Dual Fuel
4.    Indirect Coil Tank
5.    Storage tanks
6.    Balanced combustion systems
7.    Electric
8.    Solar
9.    Geothermal

Top Model

Oil-Fired and Gas-Fired Water Heaters Residential / Light Commercial: Single Flue

Price:    $1,999.95
Energy Efficiency: 90%

This is one of the advanced Bock water heaters that has a built-in balanced combustion system, which is perfect for residential applications.


1.    Capacity varying from 20 to 113 Gallon
2.    60,000 to 190,000 BTU
3.    Dual magnesium anode rods to minimize corrosion
4.    Cobalt-enriched glass-lined tank
5.    All stainless steel venting
6.    Direct side wall venting to enhance the process of elimination of odors and noxious fumes
7.    Circumferential combustion clearance
8.    BCS unit for efficient combustion
9.    Carlin EZ-BCS burner with an air-boot.
10.    Turboflue®


Bock water heaters offer a huge range of choice for residential applications and you can choose from oil fired water heaters to solar water heaters. They are made to last and are the best in the league.

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