Bradford White Corporation is the manufacturer of Bradford White water heaters. With history going back to 1881, it is one of the oldest and biggest American water heater company today.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Bradford White has an 800,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space in Middleville, Michigan.

Today, Bradford White water heaters are the preferred models to invest in. The company’s credibility is based on its high quality of products, easy availability of replacement parts, good service and fast repairs.

Producing both tankless and tank hot water heaters, Bradford White’s appliances can be purchased in different sizes and the tankless water heaters are technologically advanced to work on solar heating technology.


There are many reasons to choose Bradford White water heaters. Besides the stand out features mentioned below, there are many others that should be considered when shopping for residential gas water heaters.

  • A safety combustion chamber avoids vapor ignition in some Bradford White hot water heaters
  • Many Bradford models produce 75% less NOx than regular water heater models in the market.
  • Since these water heaters use natural gas or LP propane as fuel, they do not require electricity.
  • Magnesium anode rod inside the tank prevents corrosion and increases longevity.
  • Glass lining inside the water tanks helps save energy and optimizes heating in many Bradford water heaters.


FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance): an excellent safety feature that prevents accidental lighting of flammable vapors externally.

Defender Safety System: along with FVIR is a flame arrestor system that ensures total safety while using Bradford White water heater, making it especially safe for families with children and pets.

ScreenLok Technology: prevents release of flammable vapors into the outside environment and thus prevents chances of fire. Also allows for better efficiency and extremely low NOx emissions.

High Input Atmospheric Vent Energy Saver: doesn’t require external energy supply, instead used pilot flame energy to convert in to electrical supply.

Extra Recovery: better equipped to provide larger quantities of hot water as compared to standard water heaters and in much quicker time.

Eco-Defender Safety System: is designed to cut down on NOx emissions drastically. These ‘green’ water heaters are extremely eco-friendly emitting 75% less NOx than standard water heater models.


Bradford White water heaters for commercial and residential applications can be categorized on the fuel type used into natural gas and LP Propane models.

Bradford residential hot water heaters

  1. Natural gas water heating
  2. LP propane water heating
  3. Natural gas combination heating
  4. LP propane combination heating
  5. Electric water heating
  6. Solar water heating
  7. Oil water heating
  8. Oil combination heating
  9. Indirect water heating

Bradford commercial hot water heaters

  1. Natural gas water heating
  2. LP propane water heating
  3. Natural gas combination heating
  4. LP propane combination heating
  5. Electric water heating
  6. Oil water heating
  7. Indirect water heating

You may also find that many of these models are referred to as mentioned below:

“Energy saver” models
“High input” models
“Extra recovery” units
“High efficiency” water heaters with EnergyStar ratings
“High performance” water heaters
“Ultra Low NOx” water heaters
“Manufactured homes” models
“EverHot” tankless water heaters


Bradford White M45036FBN 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

M45036FBN is a water heater that uses LP gas to heater water in residences. It is available in capacities of 29 to 60 gallons.

Price: $499.00

1.    Energy Factor (EF) are very high, qualifying for most government tax rebates.
2.    Advanced “ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor” design
3.    Thermal switch that can be reset easily
4.    Factory fitted “Hydrojet® Total Performance System”
5.    Can be used up to an altitude of 2000 ft
6.    Size: 23 x 59 x 24 inches; Weight: 250 pounds


As Bradford White water heaters come in different fuel options like gas, electric, solar, and oil, they can fit any American household with ease.

Available as tank and on-demand hot water heaters, these appliances can be used at home and office.

To ensure wide acceptance of these water heaters, the company produces them in different sizes, water holding capacities, and performance levels to suit every pocket and requirement.

Besides these features, when you buy a Bradford White water heater you also get peace of mind as the tank models come with two warranty options: 6 years and 10 years.

On-demand water heaters come with 12 years warranty on the heat exchanger and 5 years on parts.

You can purchase products directly from the Bradford White website, or from other online retailers.

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6 Responses to “Bradford White Water Heaters – Reviews And Top Model”

  1. Cathy Smithmyer says:

    Just talked to Bradford White they do not sell to consumers from their website and when you buy on-line there may be not warranty especially if you install it yourself

  2. BRUCE DIETZ says:

    Trying to get a new BW waterheater installed by our local contractor. When we filled it with water it leaked around the threads on the relief valve. This tells me the unit was never tested to 300# as indicated on the sticker. When we tried to fire it off the gas valve was bad, currently looking for a gas valve. The contractor has been on this for three days total.
    Quality very poor on this unit.

  3. DO NOT BUY A BRADFORD WHITE WATER HEATER. I purchased one in 2010 the pilot light will not stay lit. The first time it was under warranty was replaced no problem and now again same problem and of course the warranty has just expired. This is certainly some kind of manufacturer defect. The water heater is a piece of junk.

  4. I purchased a 50 gallon “Defender” model back in 2011 and have not had one single problem with this unit. It is up in the attic and I live in Houston, TX so the summers here are pretty brutal. Not one problem, not one service or warranty issue with it whatsoever. I am about to replace my other water heater, which was a box store brand the previous homeowner bought, with another Bradford White. I used a reputable plumber to install the first one, and they did an excellent job. With their installation came a 1 year labor warranty, which was in addition to the Bradford White parts warranty that came with the tank. I have the 6 year parts warranty on my model, but you can get a model that has a 10 year if you want one. So I am somewhat puzzled by the negative reviews, as I have had a good experience with this brand. Just be sure to get a reputable plumber to install, and you should not have any issues.


    I bought two Bradford White waters heaters 4 years ago. After 1 1/2 years the Honeywell gas control valve went out. I called Bradford White and they told me the valve would be replaced under the warranty, but not the labor cost of $300. Just this past week, the gas control valve went out on the second water heater. Another $300 for the labor. Both plumbers who replaced the gas control valve told me that Bradford White had problems with these valves for many years. The bottom line is that Bradford White is selling a product that they know is prone to fail. It cost me $600+ dollars to learn the lesson of not to do business with Bradford White.

  6. Should have read Donna’s review. We had a Bradford White water heater installed 12/23/09. It was replaced after leaking in 2011. The one year warranty was up so we had to pay $270 installation. Then 2013, the same thing…again $270. In 2015, we had the unit with the pilot light and controls replaced. NOW, in 2016, after slightly more than 6.5 years, the tank leaks again. This time, we replaced with a Rheem. Cost $1400. I will NEVER have another Bradford White in my house.

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