GE or General Electric, founded by Thomas Edison, is one of the largest producers of key appliances worldwide like GE water heaters.

GE has been contributing towards improving the lives of people globally, by introducing top class appliances.

Today, GE is one of the biggest selling residential water heater brands in the world and the most selling hot water heater brand in the US alone!

Recently, GE has introduced two more innovative water heater types, the tankless water heater (gas), and the GeoSpring heat pump water heater (electric).

For continuous and constant supply of hot water, GE tankless water heaters are the best bet. These technologically advanced water heaters help you save up to 35% on energy bills and work for many-many years without any bother.

The new GeoSpring heat pump electric water heater is the latest offering from GE.

These water heaters (with 50 gallon standard tank) help reduce the operating cost of heating water by as much as 62% and bring one of these home can help you save approximately $320 annually or $3,200 in operating costs over a decade.


There are many reasons to invest in a GE gas or electric water heater. Some of the main reasons for choosing a GE water heater are:

Better quality of life: As America’s No. 1 water heater brand, GE ensures peace of mind and you are confident of its quality.

Convenience: Depending on your use and requirements, you can choose from multiple tankless models that range from 28-80 gallon capacities. Available in different fuel types like gas, liquid propane, electric, the GE water heaters can fit in to any environment but remain energy-efficient and pocket-friendly.

Warranty: For the first year, GE offers you on-site warranty. They will come to the site where the water heater is installed and replace or repair those parts of the tank that are included in the warranty.

Filterless: Since GE gas water heaters come without filters, you don’t need to clean service or ever replace them.


Every water heater manufacturing company has something special and unique to offer through their products. GE is no different.

Having pocketed the biggest chunk of the market pie, GE has strived hard to maintain its supremacy by specializing in the following features:

  1. Many GE water heaters have a self-cleaning mechanism that makes them maintenance free.
  2. Selected GE water heaters come with built-in thermostats or temperature sensors that cut-off heating in case of abnormally high  temperatures.
  3. Many water heaters by GE work on “pilot light ignition” eliminating the need for lighters or matches.
  4. All GE water heaters come fitted with temperature as well as pressure relief values to enhance safety.
  5. SmartShield™ Sensor System fitted GE gas water heaters are intelligent and shut down automatically in case of even the slightest presence of flammable vapors, ensuring maximum safety and protection.


The luxury of being able to get hot water on demand is hard to resist. With the range of GE water heaters, fulfilling this dream is now a complete possibility. Here’s a quick look at the various GE water heaters in the market today.

GeoSpring™ Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater – Newest baby from the GE stable. A hybrid heat pump water heater that runs on electricity is designed to ensure you get hot water in shower, in the kitchen and in the laundry, and uses almost 62% less electricity than traditional water heaters.

Electric & Gas Water Heaters – Available in two fuel types and many different sizes. Both electric and gas water heaters come with different warranty periods ranging from 6, 9, and 12 years for longer peace of mind and prolonged, hassle free use.


General Electric SE50M12TAH Water Heater

Energy Efficiency: 93%


1.    50 gallons capacity
2.    First hour water delivery = 62.00 gallons/hour
3.    Size: 46 x 24.25 inches; Weight: 138 pounds.
4.    Fitted with heavy duty anode rod
5.    Comes with 12-year warranty

GE GN94DNSRSA Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Energy Efficiency: 82%.


1.    Designed for indoor use
2.    Integrated Electronic LED control panel
3.    First hour water delivery = 258 gallons/hour
4.    Size: 9-13/16 X 22-7/8 X 14 inches
5.    ‘Demand Activate Technology’ for heating water
6.    Comes with 5-year warranty on parts and 10-year limited warranty on the Heat Exchanger


GE water heaters are truly American. With plenty of different choices for different types of household needs, GE’s water heaters promise you a better, warmer, and cleaner work environment with minimal running costs and a long period of hassle free use.

You can purchase products directly from the GE website, or from other online retailers.

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