Kenmore water heaters are manufactured by AO Smith, one of the leaders in water heater manufacturing in the US. Using innovative technology, energy-efficient design solutions and high quality products, Kenmore water heaters belong to one of the best-known brands in North American. Kenmore units have also become very popular in China and have come a long way since its first appearance in 1927. But Kenmore brand is not just about water heaters. Their washing machines are equally popular, so much that one out of every three US homes has either a Kenmore water heater or a washing machine or some other Kenmore appliance like dishwashers, dryers, garbage disposals, etc.

Why Choose

Today, Kenmore boasts of a wide products catalogue in eye pleasing designs and features with high quality parts. Manufacturers of both, residential and commercial hot water heaters that produce hot water using oil, gas, or electricity many of Kenmore water heaters have earned the EnergyStar efficiency ratings, qualifying them for IT credits. You can pick up a Kenmore water heating unit in storage capacities ranging from 2 gallons and 5 gallons. Some of the things that make Kenmore water heaters special are:

  1. C3 Technology® in gas water heaters than meets the latest ANSI Z21.10.1 standard regarding safety against accidental/unintended ignition inflammable gasoline vapors.
  2. Expansion storage tanks that allow for thermal expansion in hot conditions, which are available in two sizes – 2 gallons or 7.6 liters and 5 gallons or 18.9 liters capacities
  3. PEX Roto-Swirl cold water inlet tube with self cleaning turbulence producing capability, allowing for effective cleaning of the bottom of the water tank each time the hot water faucet is turned on.
  4. Everlast Pexan™, which is a long-life enamel exterior finish, polymer dip tube
  5. Limeguard™ DualWatt™ electric elements that are available for models such as Power Miser 12 and Power Miser 9 and operate at 3800 watts or 5500 watts/hour input. This feature allows for safe installation of the water heater on a 12 gauge wire, 20 amp circuit with recovery of up to 65.5lts/hour or 10 gauge wire, 30 amp circuit with recovery of up to 94.8lts/hour recovery rate.

Kenmore water heaters come with a 1-year limited labor warranty that includes free of charge delivery and installation of water heater parts for any defective ones or in case of water heater leak. This means peace of mind and stress-free purchase.

What Do They Specialize In

While Kenmore water heaters have many features similar to AO Smith units, they are known for their energy efficiency and their enhanced insulation techniques like the Cobalt Blue ultra coast glass lining inside the storage tank or the two sacrificing anode roads that ensure almost zero sediment build-up and therefore, no corrosion or rusting of the tank’s bottom. The 98% energy efficiency rating only adds up to your savings and peace of mind.

Some of the best features in Kenmore water heaters include:

  1. T&P safety valves are factory fitted to offer maximum safety and reliability
  2. Better tank insulation with Cobalt Blue ultra coat glass lining allowing for better energy efficiency and lower utility bills
  3. Self-cleaning PEX Roto-Swirl water inlet available in select models like Power Miser 9 and Power Miser 12
  4. EnergyStar rating helps save money over the long run
  5. Energy efficient with excellent energy rating
  6. Six different temperature settings for best hot water experience

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

Kenmore water heaters offer three different types of water heaters and these are:

  • Electric water heaters
  • LP Gas water heaters
  • Natural Gas water heaters

Top Model

Kenmore water heaters have many innovative technological design aspects that offer the consumer almost a life-long, worry-free means of getting hot water on demand.

Kenmore 40 Gallon Tall Natural Gas Hot Water Heater (3314) ENERGY STAR®

Price: $399.99

Energy efficiency: 98%


  1. EnergyStar rated
  2. Two Anodes
  3. Cobalt blue ultra coast glass lined storage tank
  4. PEX Roto-Swirl inlet tube
  5. 2-inches thick foam insulation
  6. 6-years limited tank warranty and parts warranty; 1-year limited labor warranty


Affordable, durable, energy efficient, effective and high quality Kenmore water heaters are one of the best investments for your home. With glass lined water tanks, PEX Roto-Swirl cold water inlet tube, 2” thick insulation, and many other safety and performance enhancement features, these water heaters belong to the AO Smith stable and offer you rich dividends through their life.

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