Lochinvar Corporation is one of the oldest water heater manufacturers in the world. The company was founded by Walter Vallett Sr in 1919. Mr. Vallett is counted among the crème-de-la-crème of the water heater industry. Known to be a true pioneer in the industry, he was instrumental in developing the first ever automatic gas-fired water heater.

In 1946, Mr. Vallett found the Walter Vallett Company. A few years later, he acquired the Michigan Tank and Furnace Company, which was later renamed as Lochinvar Water Heater Corporation. Today Lochinvar water heaters are being manufactured and sold in worldwide markets and the corporation is being headed with Bill Vallett, Jr., along with Tom Vallett and Jeff Vallett who belong to the third generation of Vallett’s.

They opened a new engineering tech center in Nashville, Tennessee in 1995 and a new warehouse facility in Tampa, Florida in 1996. In 1998, two new warehouse facilities were also opened in Philadelphia and Lebanon, Tennessee. Today, the Lochinvar water heaters are sold across the world from the US and Canada to Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Why Choose

Shield Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) Combustion System – This is a highly advanced system, which consists of a corrosion resistant chamber. This chamber is used for redirecting air via stainless steel flame arrestor plate in order to prevent any type of flame rollout as well as flammable vapor ignition. There is a reset thermal switch, which can be used for shutting down the pilot operation as well as burner during the event of a flammable vapor ignition. It also offers protection against dust, lint, and oil buildup.
Piezo Ignitor – This igniter is the part of the shield flammable vapor ignition resistant system and enhances easy pilot ignition with just a push of an in-built button
Low NOx Burner – Operates in silence, this 360° burner has been made from aluminized steel. The burner has been created in accordance with the local emission codes and standards.
Non-CFC Foam Insulation – The non-CFC foam is a part of most Lochinvar water heaters and it main aim is to offer improved and uniform tank coverage. It ensures that there is minimal standby losses and also enhances heat retention.
Warranty – All Lochinvar water heater models are available with a 6 year limited warranty against tank failure. The various parts of Lochinvar water heaters come with a warranty of 6 years as well. There is a 3 year limited warranty on various commercial water heater models by Lochinvar.

What Do They Specialize In

There are different types of water heaters and heating systems that Lochinvar specializes in. In fact, there are quite a few tank-type models of Lochinvar water heaters that have thermal efficiencies of 95% or even higher. Some of the things that Lochinvar water heaters specialize in are:

  • Heat Exchanger: Most of the Lochinvar water heaters consist of a stainless steel heat exchanger and it has been created on the basis of ASME Section IV requirements. The state of the art design of the heat exchanger ensures superior resistance to corrosion, which is normally caused by condensation. The Lochinvar water heaters consist of a special system called the ARMOR, which offers highly efficient performance especially when the supply water temperature is low.
  • Stainless Steel Condensing
  • Water heater pump control: This consists of two main sections: the pump delay with freeze protection and Pump exercise
  • The Lochinvar water heaters have built-in cascading sequencer controls, which ensure that there is no added cost of a sequencer unit.
  • LCD display up to 2-lines or 16-character. LCD screen shows system status, setup, and diagnostic data and is easily readable.

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

The different types of water heaters offered by Lochinvar include:

1.    High Efficiency Residential Electric
2.    High Efficiency Residential Gas Water Heaters from 30 to 100 Gallons with FVIR
3.    Junior Electric
4.    Ultra Low NOx Gas
5.    Power Vented Gas
6.    Power Direct Vent Gas
7.    Balanced Flue Direct Vent Gas
8.    Manufactured Home Gas
9.    Double Duty Gas
10.    Sun Saver Solar
11.    Energy Saver Indirect Water Heater
12.    Squire Indirect Water Heater

Top Model

Double Wall Energy Saver Indirect Water Heaters: EGD040

Price:    $1,209.95
Energy Efficiency: 98%

The Energy Saver Indirect is a Lochinvar water heater that accepts heat from almost any external heat source.


  1. This Lochinvar water heater has a capacity of 38 Gallons
  2. Is enabled with a 2″ thick blanket of Non-CFC Foam Insulation It meets the ASHRAE 90.1b. Standard.
  3. Has a glass-lined steel tank, which offers protection against rust and minimizes corrosion.
  4. Has a built-in glass coated heat exchanger coil
  5. The EGD040 consists of high capacity aluminum anode rod, which provides protection from any negative effects of electrolytic corrosion.
  6. It comes with an adjustable thermostat. Adjustment range varies from 80°F to 160°F.
  7. 10-year limited tank warranty.


The highlight of Lochinvar water heaters is that they offer savings on operating costs as well as maintenance without compromising on efficiency. This is what makes Lochinvar stand out of the crowd.

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7 Responses to “Lochinvar Water Heater”

  1. Jerry Schmidtke says:

    I have a Lochinvar gas hor water heater & I will tell you when ever I have a chance to tell any client DO NOT BUY lochinvar BRAND. I HAVE HAD 2 AND NOW LOOKING FOR THE THIRD PART # RLY 1003 AND YOUR COMPANY CAN NOT FURNISH ME THE PART BECAUSE I NEED TO GO THRU A PLUMBER AND PAY $175 FOR THE PART BECAUSE U DO NOT HAVE A OUTLET FOR IT. GO STRAIGHT ………

  2. J.w.turner says:

    I just want say I am a master plumber of 35 years and used to work in N.Dallas area and we sold and installed and very rare to have to repair a lochinvar Water heater they are made like an American product should be as like a Chicago faucet heavy duty I am proud of my trade and the American products we sell.thanks….

  3. Buyer beware. Our Shield SNR200-100 lasted less than 4 years.

    This unit is vastly more complicated than it’s competition (such as the more efficient yet simpler EF line from Bradford White). It is essentially a tank-less water heater sitting atop a tank. It relies on a heat exchanger, an internal circulating pump, many sensors etc. Every few months the heat exchanger must be disassembled and cleaned, along with the burner. It takes about an hour.

    Our first circulating pump died within 7 months, the second after another year and a half (first under warranty). The pumps are $500 plus labor.

    Finally after less than 4 years the heat exchanger went bad. They didn’t design it to be a replaceable part,.. so now we have to replace the entire unit. Lesson learned. STAY AWAY.

    A Bradford White EF unit is my next purchase,… 1/2 % more efficient than this (98.5%),.. cheaper, and a very simple design,.. which should make it far more reliable and virtually service free. No heat exchanger, no circulating pumps,… essentially it’s just a downward firing burner on top with a very long flue pipe that wraps around inside the water tank. A simple, reliable design.

  4. 40 gallon lvn04040 100 is model number. energy efficient model.. ha ha…c,mon lochinvar…stand by your product and get some qualified tech support.its the principle not so much the price…although i paid 1500.00 for for the w/h and installation,so these are not cheap. i would be thrilled to hear from lochinvar corporate to responsibly resolve this issue. either way,i will fight this to the end on principle. this product came with 6 yr warranty and i paid for it expecting a quality product

  5. Barby Sheldon says:

    Lochinvar SUCKS. 40 gallon water heater just over 2 years old and wont stay lit. and the engineers are too stupid to have designed the controller to retain a fault code…so its guesswork and process of elimination…at 95 bucks a service call? right. guess I am taking the installer to court because he wont even return my call after servicing it once which was basically to check it out. He explained to me that there are issues with this model and it is a poor design. Cant help but wonder why the heck he sells and installs something he knows is NOT A GOOD PRODUCT. NEVER BUY A LOCHINVAR…SERIOUSLY…

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