Marathon water heater was introduced some 20 years ago and has achieved major success in the market since then. The water heater design was an offshoot of the successful plastic brine tanks that were being used in the water softening industry for more than 30 year. Originally named Project X, there were three main goals for this project and these were:

  1. Construct a water heater that offers authentic lifetime warranty
  2. Design and produce a water heater that’s the most thermal efficient
  3. Allow the water heater to have easy installation by making it easy to connect and lightweight as well

Based on the above 3 parameters, the Marathon water heater was unveiled in 1987. The Marathon brand belongs to the Water Heater Innovations, Inc. that is headquartered at Eagan, Minnesota. However, Water Heater Innovations, Inc is a fully-owned subsidiary of Rheem Manufacturing Company, which is already a global leader in water heaters.

Why Choose

A Marathon water heater offers the following advantages:

  1. Technologically superior design
  2. Highly durable water heater with a warranty that’s the best in the market
  3. Evirofoam™ polyurethane insulation that is free of HCFC & CFC gases that deplete the atmosphere’s ozone layer
  4. Leader in eco-friendly design, operation, and manufacturing
  5. Easy to replace brass drain valve
  6. Unlined plastic tank that eliminates the need for sacrificing anode rod, yet gives corrosion free life
  7. Some models such as commercial models, can function at high temperature and in harsh conditions without diminishing the durability or performance of the water heater
  8. Bowl shaped bottom for easy draining and prevention of sediment build up
  9. Each Marathon water heater tank comes with a 4” insulation pipe for significant energy and monetary savings
  10. Fiberglass coated outer tank can withstand high pressure as compared with standard tanks

What Do They Specialize In

While we have already shared the various reasons that make Marathon water heater the ideal choice for any American household or commercial establishment, it’s about time to highlight the things that really make a Marathon, a Marathon in greater details. So read on…

  1. Different Tank Capacities: Depending on your use, you can purchase a residential or commercial Marathon water heater in capacities ranging from 15 to 105 gallons.
  2. Warranty: Offering perhaps the best warranty in its class, a Marathon water heater’s warranty will last as long as the homeowner owns his/her house.
  3. Seamless Plastic Tank: Since metal tanks are prone to rust and corrosion, a seamless plastic tank is the best way to address these issues that also affect the longevity of the device. That’s exactly what Marathon did and the result is a anti-rust and corrosion resistant water tank made from polybutene that eliminates the need for an anode rod.

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

There are in all, four types of Marathon water heaters. These include water heaters for residential as well as commercial use. Let’s take a look:

  1. Marathon Residential Electric Water Heater – high efficiency, lightweight, stainless steel elements, lifetime warranty, and plastic tank are just some of the top features of this type.
  2. Marathon ‘Point-of-Use’ Electric Water Heater – high efficiency, lightweight, stainless steel elements, lifetime warranty, and plastic tank with smaller water storage capacities, this is ideal for small offices or kitchens.
  3. Marathon Heavy Duty Electric Water Heater – perfect for harsh environments, high strength, excellent durability, titanium sheath for elements, rust-resistant tank and 10-year warranty make this an ideal unit for agricultural processing and restaurants etc.
  4. Marathon Eclipse Commercial Electric Water Heater – very long life, versatile, four different element locations, seven voltage variations, moderate hot water supply make it an ideal unit for retail stores, or any such place that requires moderate quantity of hot water.

Top Model

Rheem Marathon Electric Water Heater 50 Gallon MR50245

Price:     $1,013.85
EF: 94%


  1. Unlined plastic (polybutylene) tank
  2. Rust proof and anti corrosion
  3. More than one layer of filament fiberglass lining in the tank
  4. Polyurethane insulation for lower energy consumption
  5. Recessed setting for drain valve
  6. Scratch and dent resistant outer casing
  7. Bowl shaped tank bottom for easy and quick sediment draining
  8. All plastic tank doesn’t require anode rod


Marathon water heater is a popular choice for homeowners and commercial consumers alike. Excellent features, top-of-the-class technology, best warranty, and surprising rates make Marathon water heaters a proud investment.

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