Polaris water heaters are one of the top brand names in the water heater industry.

Part of the very popular American Water Heater Company, Polaris brand of water heaters are known for their high energy efficiency, technologically advanced and innovative designs and engineering.

Polaris water heaters use natural gas and propane as fuel and are available for both, residential and commercial use.

Polaris tank units provide you flexible use and therefore, can be used for residential hot water use as well as heating spaces through air hydronic systems.

Polaris has a limited range of very high quality and energy efficient water heaters that are available in two tank sizes and around seven gas models for residential use ranging between 100,000 BTU to 199,000 BTU with an ability to produce up to 255 gallons/hour.

Assuring you of more than 95% heat efficiency, Polaris EnergyStar certified models are the perfect appliance for large-sized homes that have higher water demands.

American Water Heater Company’s Polaris water heater tanks are durable, reliable since they are constructed from high-grade SS (stainless steel). The tanks are also resistant to corrosion and rust and don’t require any protection for the anode rod.

Due to the unique design features, Polaris water heaters have merit and eliminate the need for frequent maintenance or replacement of parts. You are also eligible for around $1,500 in income tax credit when you purchase a Polaris water heater.


Durability – Polaris brand is one of the most durable water heater units in the country. Studies have shown that Polaris water heater units don’t require replacement for almost one and a half decades. If you buy a Polaris unit, you’ll also have to spend less time and money on repairing them.
“On-Board” Problem Indicator – This is one of the best features found in Polaris hot water heaters. The indicator is designed to alert you to any problem that may occur in your water heater requiring your immediate attention.
Less Sediment – Made from the highest grade materials like SS, Polaris units produce less sediment than most water heaters.


Polaris water heaters are “Flammable vapor ignition resistance” or FVIR compliant. This is a revolutionary new technology that ensures that the flame is controlled within the combustion chamber providing maximum safety.

  1. High quality metal fiber burner is resistant to heat and machinery stress as well as corrosion. Burning with a clear blue flame heat production is clean and uniform with high intensity.
  2. Polaris units have, what is known as, power direct vent system.
  3. Polaris water heaters are very easy to install and made ready for proper use.
  4. Energy Cut-Off feature allows the heater to be shut off automatically in case of abnormally high temperature exceeds beyond the pre-set maximum temperature.
  5. Easy to repair, Polaris water heater can be cleaned or repaired by removing the front access panel.
  6. “Safety Shut-off” is a pressure switch provided to protect the unit in case the blower stops working properly or there is blockage in the venting system or there is very low input level.


1.    Polaris™ High-Efficiency Commercial Water Heaters – offers 95-96% thermal efficiency. Ideal for use at fast food restaurants or other places that require quick hot water supply.

2.   Polaris™ High-Efficiency Residential Water Heaters – offers 95% thermal efficiency. Ideal for large-sized residences with rapid and higher hot water supply and the units can also be used for forced air space heating.


Polaris Residential Water Heater PG10 50-130-2NV Natural Gas

Price: $2,853.75 on AMAZON.COM
Energy Efficiency: 96%

1.    Water heater uses Natural gas as fuel
2.    Highest high-efficiency and high quality body construction
3.    50 gallon tank capacity
4.    High grade stainless steel tank fitted with quality brass connections
5.    130,000 BTU/hour

Polaris Water Heater PG10-50-150-2PV Propane Gas

Price: $3,101.60 on AMAZON.COM
Energy Efficiency: 95%

1.    Water heater uses Propane gas as fuel
2.    50 gallon tank capacity
3.    10-year limited warranty on tank and 1-year on parts
4.    166 GPH with 90 degree rise
5.    Wicker metal burner


Polaris water heaters have a very quiet performing brushless blower joint and an integrated gas or air combustion chamber. This ensures an almost noiseless performance and maintenance free life.

While Polaris water heaters aren’t cheap as compared to other water heaters, they offer several other features like high energy efficiency, easy-maintenance, prolonged life and other unique safety and performance features like “Temperature and Pressure Valve,” “Condensate Trap” and “Full Flow Brass Drain Valve” make Polaris brand a name to reckon with.

So, if you have deep pockets and a large home with constant hot water requirement, Polaris water heaters are ideal for your household.

You can purchase products directly from the POLARIS website, or from other online retailers.

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