Part of the Bosch brand, Powerstar water heater is a well-recognized brand of water heaters in the US. Known for pioneering the development of ‘magneto ignition’ system, the founder of Bosch, Robert Bosch, is known for providing technological breakthroughs that have been accepted in the US market warmly and enthusiastically. That’s why to this day, from 1906, Bosch’s products are known for their cutting-edge technology combined with modern, stylish and timeless designs.

The same principles and design features are available in the Powerstar water heater series. Guides by Bosch’s values, the Powerstar range of water heaters are dedicated to innovation and superior quality that gives every customer big bang for his/her bucks and peace of mind, which is every important for any electronic household appliance.

Today Bosch Thermotechnik manufacturers and sells Bosch and Powerstar water heaters in US, Canada, and Germany. Some of the other popular brands of this parent company include Buderus and Junkers. Bosch has been in the business of making tankless hot water heaters since more than 60 years now and is a name to be trusted.

Why Choose

Bosch and Powerstar water heaters are EnergyStar rated as well as known for the reduced energy consumption and low emissions. Highly efficient, Powerstar water heaters are green as they use hardly any gas or electricity; produce low NOx and CO2 gases. They have low operation costs as well.

A Powerstar water heater model is a point of use unit that can be installed at the sink or near the dishwasher and is designed to replace the standard storage tank electric water heating units. With 99% energy efficiency and the goal to supply consumers with unlimited hot water at the point of use, the Powerstar is a small, compact and effective tankless unit with many redeeming features like:

  1. “Common sense” hot water technology
  2. Renowned for technological and environmentally friendly principles
  3. Durable poly heating elements
  4. Electronic flow switch
  5. External temperature control knob
  6. Flow rate of 0.6 gallons/minute (AE115) and 0.8 gallons/minute (AE125)
  7. Doesn’t require a Temperature or Pressure relief valve

What Do They Specialize In

A Powerstar water heater is an electric tankless appliance from the Bosch stable. Powerstar units come in two electric models that can be used as whole house residential hot water heating units. Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of a Powerstar water heater is that you can’t run two big hot water tasks at the same time, for ex: dishwasher and sink.

  1. Instant hot water, quick production of hot water
  2. Easy installation
  3. Space friendly and can fit easily in a kitchen/bathroom cabinet
  4. Cheaper as compared to regular storage tank water heaters
  5. Solid Copper heat exchanger comes with 5-years warranty.
  6. Electronic flow switch
  7. External temperature control
  8. Filter at inlet point
  9. Automatic thermostat cut off
  10. Zero standby heat loss leading to saving on utility bills

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

Powerstar water heaters are available in two different types and these are:

  • PowerStar AE125
  • PowerStar AE115

Top Model

The Powerstar AE115 is a tankless water heater that provides plenty of hot water for getting all your tasks completed on time and in an efficient manner. The flow rate varies from 2.6gallons/minute to 1.5gallons/minute depending on the average ground water temperature.

AE115 Tankless Powerstar Electric Whole House Water Heater

Price: $450
Energy Rating: 0.90


  • At 105F, flow rate is 2.3gallons/minute adequate for shower, bathtub, and laundry.
  • At 115F, flow rate is 2.0gallons/minute adequate for 1 dishwasher, or 1 sink only and not simultaneously.
  • Electronic flow sensor for monitoring temperature of outgoing water
  • In-built safety system
  • Thermal cut-off
  • Energy efficiency 90%
  • Whole-house electric tankless water heater
  • Operating cost $478
  • Annual savings $22


If you are looking for a brand you can trust and enjoy over the years, look no further than Bosch’s Powerstar water heater. Manufacturers of tankless water heaters, Powerstar range of hot water heaters are environmentally friendly, super energy efficient, well-priced, and have a host of interesting and innovative technology features that helps you save money as well as give you endless supply of hot water when you need it.

As part of the Bosch brand, Powerstar water heaters are known for the best and latest technology and timeless stylish designs that perform as good as they look!

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