Richmond water heater is manufactured by Rheem. Founded in 1927, Rheem only started manufacturing water heaters and air furnaces during the 1930s and 40s.

Though Rheem was a privately owned company, it was acquired by Ruud Manufacturing Company and the acquisition helped cement Rheem’s dominance in the North America with a product line that boasts of the best in technology use and quality.

In 1987, Paloma Industries of Japan acquired Rheem and it became a fully-owned subsidiary of the world’s biggest producer of gas-fueled appliances.

With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Rheem has several manufacturing facilities in North American cities like Montgomery, Fort Smith, Milledgeville, and Oxnard.

Besides this, Richmond water heaters are manufactured in Canada, Australia, and Mexico. All facilities are ISO: 9000 certified and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Today Richmond water heaters are manufactured for both residential and commercial use.

The range of water heating products by Richmond include water heaters, instant or tankless-water heaters, residential and commercial water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters, industrial water heaters, and propane water heaters.


Fast Recovery – Richmond water heater is ideal for “peak demand” water situations. It can work very well when multiple showers are in use or when showers are being operated simultaneously with dishwashers. The Richmond fast recovery water heaters can easily replace used hot water faster and this increases the supply of hot water automatically.

EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System – The EverKleen technology used in every Richmond water heater fights sediment and lime buildup and improves the overall tank life while maintaining peak efficiency. With the help of EverKleen technology, water is channeled through an exclusive inlet tube, which in turn helps in creating a high-speed spiraling stream of water. This ensures that sediment doesn’t settle in the tank and at the same time eliminates any tank “hot spots”.

LIFEGUARD™ Stainless Steel Heating Elements – The LIFEGUARD stainless steel heating element can last longer and thus prolong the overall life of a tank. It also helps in providing superior resistance to any type of lime build-up. It can resist accidental dry-fire burn-outs as well.

LDO Robustness For Efficient And Reliable Operation – The Richmond Integra System in water heaters have a unique design that helps in resisting the far reaching and detrimental effects of lint, dust, and oil (LDO). This is the key long product life and efficient performance.


Richmond offers an extensive product line in water heaters and are available for residential and commercial use. Some of the things that Richmond water heaters specialize in are:

  1. Richmond waters heaters are available in liquid propane (LP), natural gas, and electric models.
  2. Rigid foam insulation to fight any stand-by heat loss and provide maximum efficiency
  3. Low input pilots on gas models that help in reducing wasted energy during the stand-by period.
  4. Durable high temperature dip-tube that can meet stringent plumbing codes with ease.
  5. Heat traps, which can prevent any stand-by heat loss
  6. Porcelain Tank protection with the help of a corrosion resistant and tough porcelain tank lining
  7. Flammable vapor resistant design helps in shutting off the combustion chamber whenever there is flammable vapor


Richmond water heaters are available in two main categories: residential and commercial. Some of the popular models of Richmond Water Heaters include:

1.    Electric Water Heaters for residential
2.    Gas Water Heaters with INTEGRA
3.    Richmond Encore Tankless


RMTG-66 Series Indoor Direct Vent Model

Price:    $1,015.41
Energy Efficiency: 95%

1.    Designed to meet or exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements
2.    RMTG-66 Water Flow (GPM) at 35° is 8.4 and at 100° is 2.9
3.    Gas input is between 11,000 and 180,000 BTU/hr
4.    UMC-117 remote control included with the water heater can be set from 120 degrees –140 degrees
5.    Exclusive! Guardian SBT™ sensing burner technology
6.    Exclusive! Guardian OFW™ overheat film wrap
7.    Has an energy Factor of .82
8.    Temperature range is 85°– 140° F. Factory set temperature is 120° F
9.    12-year limited warranty on heat exchanger, 5 year warranty on Parts, 1-year on Labor


Richmond water heater manufactured by Rheem incorporates a mix of advanced technology and easy to use features. From endless hot water supply to energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and compact size, Richmond water heaters have been designed specifically for home use.

You can purchase products directly from the RICHMOND website, or from other online retailers.


  1. Have had a Rheem EverKleen gas water heater, “Richmond Miser Plus” 50 gallon Mod# 7K50, since 12-12-1996. Finally giving me problems with drain valve failure. Hopefully I can find a plumber to repair it.

  2. I recently purchased a Richmond water heater from a local Menards. Right out of the box , it had defective parts. I called the tech line and his answer was to replace the vacuum switch.
    I did one better and got Menards to replace the entire blower unit , but am still having the same issue.

    The model # for this unit is 6gr40pve2-40

    BEWARE !!!!

  3. My Richmond 40 gal water tank that was installed new 5 years ago needed to be replaced already and was under warranty. Menards charged me an additional $277 for the replacement tank saying the prices has gone up. So what! this was under warranty and should have been swapped at no charge. They told me to go to Rheem directly which I am but I shouldn’t have to do that. If they are an agent of Rheem, they should honor the warranty.

    Food for thought if you plan on getting a water tank from Menards.

  4. Carol Chin says:

    We just purchased a 50 gal. electric heater and had to carry it downstairs with the installer, the handles on the top are great for carrying, but it would be nice to also have them on the bottom to for the person who is carrying it also. Maybe this suggestion can help make it easier. Thank you.

  5. D Schmidt says:

    I installed a Richmond 50 gallon LP water heater in 2006 which I bought at Menards. It was given me error codes for flammable gases since day one and shuts itself down at least once a week. I have had my basement tested for everything and there are no gases . Now it is giving me an error code for eco failure which is the water temp has reached 200 degrees plus at some point though we keep the thermostat just above the vacation setting. Frankly, it is a POS. Run away from these things.

  6. I have a richmond tankless unit from Menards that was installed and never did work right. After a month of no hot water and the technician they sent out smoking in my house and ordering one part after another and saying it was going to fix it, which it never did. They had me get another one and that at least has worked %80 of the time for the last year, until now, 14 months and now I have the same problem I had before. Doesn’t work at all, think twice before making this mistake. There customer service and trouble shooters are of no help either, the whole company and everyone associated with it that I have come acrossed are a total JOKE!!!!!

  7. Richard says:

    I just replaced a 2 year old Richmond water heater. I purchased the original at Mernards.This heater went out on a Friday evening and I replaced it Saturday morning before calling Richmond’s hot line. I called them about the warranty on the old one and they said the warranty was void because I replaced it without calling them first. The tech on the line gave me every excuse in the book for not replacing it including telling me I needed and overpressure tank in the line. Why did I not need one for the other tank I replaced 2 years ago? The tank inside is made so light that the intake and outlet were warped. Like a prior comment said RUN AWAY from this brand

  8. I purchased a Richmond (Rheem) water heater at Menards (model 6G50-38F1) and it stopped working after 1 year and 8 months. After dropping off the water heater at Menards I noticed another identical heater also was returned. This lead me to believe it was a trend. After finding this website and others, I realized that Richmond Rheem water heaters are poorly made. Menards would not give me a partial refund of the warranty nor would Arlene Krueger manager of Guest Services at the Menards Headquarters. While Rheem rides on the American made reputation and craftsmanship of years ago, their water heaters certainly fall short of that today.

    If you are interested in buying a Richmond Rheem from Menards I would strongly advise in not doing so. I have since bought “State” water heater made in the USA and I am quite pleased.

  9. Dave in Wisconsin says:

    Whew! I was just at Menards to price these Richmond water heaters (the 40 gal natural gas) because our 20 year old Ruud is giving us problems. Based on the above comments, I will be looking elsewhere! Thanks!

  10. Great reviews. Was planning on buying a Richmond from menards before reading this site. Hopefully, someone from Richmond will read this site and do something about it. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK THE TIME TO WARN! I will buy elsewhere.

  11. Diddo. I’ll stick with Whirlpool.

  12. And I’ll add my thanks. Having trouble finding a water heater that has a good reputation. The GE ones seem to break repeatedly. The Whirlpool ones can’t keep the pilot light lit and Richmond treats its customers like scum. The Sears Kenmore appears to have the best rep around here, but I have had horrible experience with other Kenmore products before. Sigh. Still looking.

  13. I have a Richmond water heater that I just bought from Menards a year ago, and have not had any problems. The one that I replaced was also a Richmond, I am not sure where they got it because it came with the house, but when it failed, I called Rheem to find out how old it was and they told me it was 12 years old. I didn’t think that was too bad so bought another one. Menards was the only place that I found that stocked it and was lucky there was a store not to far away from me. I did have a professional install it for me so I know it is installed correctly!

  14. On 06/14/07 I purchased a Richardson water heater model # 6G40PV-40PF from Menards. Sometime in Febuary,2009 it stopped heating water. I called Rheem customer service. Rheem is the parent company of Richardson. They overnight shipped a part called control-FV Wiper. It was a fairly simple install and the heater worked fine.

    After returning from vacation 08/20 of this year I turned the water heater control dial from vacation to the setting we normally used. Again no hot water and again I call Rheem customer service. The heater is still within the 6 year warranty so Rheem overnight ships a Invensys WIPER to White-Rodgers Intell-Vent Combination Gas Control Replacement Kit. Upon inspection of the repair parts I discovered that the Intelli-Vent Combination Gas Control was damaged in shipping. A plastic box housing the control board and internal wiring was cracked and opened and the internal parts were exposed. I was able to put the gas control parts back together and decided I would use them as they were since I didn’t want to wait for replacement parts and be without hot water another day.

    This installation was far more daunting than my last repair job on this water heater. It involved replacing the complete burner assembly and well as the complete gas control unit. I will say the instructions were pretty straight forward and I completed the repair job in about two hours.

    I did call Rheem customer service back to tell them about the damaged replacement parts I received. I told them I used the damaged parts anyway and they appeared to be working fine. I expressed my concern about these damaged parts failing again down the road. The Rheem customer service rep said, “we can send you a new Intelli-Vent Combination Gas Control unit out right away,just in case.”

    In conclusion I would say this:
    1) My Richardson water heater should never have failed twice in less than 5 years. (only a two person household)
    2) Rheem customer service is outstanding.

  15. I also purchased A hot water heater from Menards a Richmond and have had nothing but problems with it right from the get go. It had bad threads on both inlet and out let pipes almost impossible to stop the leaks and now after three years the safety control valve failed so I have no hot water and now being unemployed I do not have the money to replace it. Now after reading the other comments it seems futile to even pursue a warranty replacement. I will be contacting the better business bureau and see what happens from there. Consumer protection agency also they should not be allowed to keep this practice up.

  16. Tankless hot water heater.

    This unit started out great and then after one year started throwing error codes. I found out that ” normal” maintenance on this thing is going to cost me an extra $200 – $500 each year! According to Rheem (manufactuer of Richmond products) I need to have a Plumber come out twice a year and descale the unit and then about every year to year and a half I need to have it completely disassembled and the burners and ignightors cleaned. What a deal this thing turned out to be!

  17. Margie says:

    I purchased a 50 gallon 9 year natural gas Richmond from Menards in 2003 and have had no problems at all. It’s been used in a 6-person home all these years.

  18. have had my Richmond miser 40 gal water heater since my house was built in 1993 im going to put in a new water heater only for the fact this is 21 years old .but I have not had 1 single problem with it not one in 21 years so now im getting scared to get another one of your comments it had 4 people for 19 years

  19. purchased a Richmond 40 gal 6gr40pve2 on the very first day after it was installed in 2013 the little blue light was blinking for about 5 blinks, and I had no hot water, so I looked online for a fix for this problem found that if you unplug it and plug it back in it resets it and it will start up and heat the water, that’s fine, worked for about 3 days and then again same thing blinking light, and no hot water, this has been going on for two years now, I am out on the road and not home that often, but when I do get home I will take a look at the brand new hot water heater and sure enough the freaking light is blinking. so I called the guy that installed it, he said to call Richmond and they will overnight the part to me and give him a call and he will set up a time to come over and put it in for warranty, this is all well and good, but I think if they don’t upgrade the part that is failing this is going to be an ongoing problem

  20. keith ransey says:

    this has been one of the worse experiences I have ever had-so frustrated.i bought the Richmond heater on last Friday-had a plumber install it on Saturday-that night it wasn’t working correctly -pilot would not stay lit-called the plumber they recommened he says it will be 10days before he can even come to look at it.another plumber comes out tells me there’s a problem with a part.the part arrives the next evening-needed the whole unit-need to wait two more days before receiving unit.frustrated not supposed to be this still waiting for hot water.

  21. Standing behind business with old water heater outside made in April 2013. Made in Mexico. That is what you get for exporting USA jobs

  22. Just got off the phone again with Rheem. Have a 6G50-38F1 water heater. 1 1/2 years old and leaking from the bottom just like the one it replaced ( after 2 years ) going to menards to exchange this one. No option to get a different one unless I pay full price somewhere else for a different brand.

  23. Was planning on purchasing a Richmond water heater Reviews changed my mind immediately since I am junking the whirlpool which never worked.

  24. I just purchased from Menards a Richmond 40 gallon power vent 6gr40pve2-40 and right out of the box it was giving me an error code. 8 flashes then 3 flashes which indicates LCD code 15 Electronics fault detected, Thermal well fault or gas control fault. I came across some random instructions online on how to reset the gas valve for a powervent honeywell electronic control and that didn’t work. I’ve unplugged the darn thing a bunch of times and still can’t get the tank to fire up. REALLY Richmond Dead out of the box. My Bradford White didn’t give me this issue when I installed it last year0 what gives. Let me know if anyone else has had this same issue and how I can clear it.

  25. George Zimmermann says:

    I have a 50 gal.electric Richmond 12 yr self cleaning heater I purchased 15 years ago. It has given exactly no problems. Surely it will fail one day. Unfortunately, I am unable to find one. Are any being made any more?

  26. Tami Malina says:

    Richmond High Efficiency 40 gallon. Issues with corrosion of valves and the bottom rusted out around the seam after five years. Five years??? They replaced it with a new one but I had to pay labor $325.

  27. Chris Olson says:

    I have a model 9G50-38F1, and it has been a nightmare already. So, be ready to spend plenty of money fixing this thing. Even though you have a 9 or 12 year warranty on parts, only 1 year of in home labor is covered. I just spent $471.00 repairing a unit manufactured on 13NOV2013. Adding insult to injury, Rheem sent a wrong part after they sent us a bad part the first time. So much wasted time and money with these people – plus we were without water for two entire weeks.

    How can the Pilot Assembly, the Gas Valve and the Relief Valve all need to be replaced within 3 years? They skimp on quality, send you cheap parts and expect you to pay for the labor which will wind up costing you more than the original cost of the unit!

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