Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer, laid the foundation for the Ruud water heaters almost 100 years back. Ruud came from Norway to the US where he successfully developed an automatic water heater, the first of its kind. The early success of the Ruud water heaters opened the doors for innovation and value, which has been at the core of all RUUD heating and air conditioning equipments since the 1950s.

Post 1950, Ruud water heaters started to capture the market slowly and has the company is considered as one of the largest manufacturer of quality heating and cooling products in North America catering to both residential and commercial sectors.

One of the primary reasons why Ruud has been able to offer high quality water heating products is their state of the art manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility has employed some of the most highly trained workers in the market. Over the previous decade, the Ruud water heater product line has expanded exponentially thanks to their new design techniques coupled with advanced manufacturing technology.

Why Choose

High Quality Water Heaters– Ruud is considered as the industry leader when it comes to total heating solutions, water heaters, and cooling solutions for residential and commercial use.  Ruud water heaters are known across North America for their high quality of design and performance. Ruud is amongst the few companies in North America that offers state of the art products including tankless water heaters, conventional storage water heaters, solar water heating systems, accessories and replacement parts. One of the salient points of Ruud water heaters is that they are frequently tested and sold only after certification from various government testing labs so that they can ensure you enjoy the highest quality standards.

Wide Range of Heating – Ruud water heaters are not the only products manufactured by the company. They also manufacture a wide variety of both heating and cooling solutions including:
1.    Heating solutions for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and manufactured housing
2.    Installation of water heaters and heating solutions in new homes
3.    Domestic hot water and commercial hot water applications
4.    Domestic heating & cooling and commercial heating & cooling applications

2.0 Energy Factor – The 2.0 Energy Factor confirms that Ruud water heaters offer twice the efficiency as compared to a standard electric water heater. It uses heat pump technology, which is indigenous to Ruud to maintain high energy-efficiency.

Heat pump technology – Ruud water heaters have successfully used the heat pump technology for more than three decades. This is a field proven technology and they have combined it with their innovative tank design to develop an integrated heat pump water heater, which is considered as second to none in the market.

Warranty – Ruud water heaters are available with 8-year limited tank and parts warranty.  They also offer ProtectionPlus™, an innovative solution, which ensures that you are able to enjoy 12-year limited tank warranty.

What Do They Specialize In

Ruud water heaters follow rigorous water heater industry standards where reliability, performance, and quality are concerned. Ruud has special state of the art manufacturing facilities to oversee the various processes from delivery of raw materials to assembling of the finished product. Some of the things that Ruud hot water heaters specialize in are:

  1. All Ruud water heaters are easy to operate
  2. They have an energy efficient design
  3. Ruud water heaters specialize in low cost operation
  4. They have a compact size
  5. One of the salient features is precise temperature control, which helps in setting the water temperature based on your need
  6. Self Diagnostic system inbuilt in the water heaters enable the display of easy to read maintenance codes
  7. Comes with an EZ-link cable, which helps in connecting multiple units during high demand applications
  8. Most Ruud water heaters are eco friendly

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

There are different types of water heaters offered by Ruud in commercial and residential categories. Here are the ones available in the market:

Residential water heaters

1.    Gas
2.    Electric
3.    Tankless
4.    Solar

Commercial water heaters

The most popular Ruud water heaters are the Tankless water heaters and tank water heaters. Here are some of the most sought after models:

1.    Tankless 95 Direct Vent Indoor Series
2.    Tankless 95 Outdoor Series
3.    Tankless 84 Direct Vent Indoor Series
4.    Tankless 66 Indoor Direct Vent Series
5.    Tankless 84 Outdoor Series
6.    Tankless 74 Indoor Direct Vent Series
7.    Tankless 64 Outdoor Series

Tank Water heaters

1.    Ruud Professional Series – Gas
2.    Professional Heavy Duty Series – Gas
3.    Pacemaker Series – Gas
4.    Power Direct Vent Series – Gas
5.    Power Vent with Electronic Control Series – Gas
6.    Warrior DVX Series – Gas
7.    Master Series – Gas
8.    Marathon Series – Electric
9.    Marathon Thermal Storage Tank Series – Electric
10.    Pacemaker Series – Electric
11.    Marathon Point-of-Use Series – Electric
12.    Point-of-Use Series – Electric
13.    Table Top Series – Electric
14.    Indirect Water Heater Series – Electric
15.    SolPak Active Solar System Series – Solar
16.    Solaraide Passive Solar Systems Series – Solar
17.    Solar Servant Series
18.    Solar Indirect Series
19.    Solar Servant HE Series

Top Model

The Ruud HP-50 (50 Gallons)

Price:    $1,500.00
Energy Efficiency: 90%


  1. 2.0 Energy Factor
  2. Easy-to-use heaters with LED touch pad control.
  3. 3 energy efficiency settings
  4. Ideal for new homes
  5. Comes with a Federal Tax Credit Up To $1500.00.
  6. Standard 3/4″ NPT water inlet as well as outlet along with condensate drain connections


There are several models available in Ruud water heaters and it can be quite difficult to choose the right model as all of them offer high efficiency and performance. So the best option is to choose according to the capacity and your budget.

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7 Responses to “Ruud Water Heaters”

  1. I do not recommend this product. We spent $2k on a professionally installed PH2-75F 75 gallon Ruud gas water heater, with the extended warranty. It is two years old now, and the pilot ignition sequence specified in the manual is not working (for us, or the plumber who sold/installed it). We end up having to pay service call outs, and Ruud will not stand behind the product and resolve the issue. Their “warranty” is useless. Their customer service people tell us to ignore safety instructions in the manual and see if that works. It is unbelievable.

  2. Buyer beware!!! First water heater burst in my garage and ruined many items. Plumber came out
    and replaced for $400 water heater was swapped for new one, 5 years later 2nd one burst and ruined more of my garaged items and company refuses to replace due to warranty expiring with first water heater?? So they won’t stand behind their products meanwhile I lose lots of personal items twice and I’m out of pocket for water heater and plumber. Their water heaters are garbage!!!
    Don’t allow a plumber to buy or install in your home, you’ll be sorry. Buy anything else

  3. I am just now replacing my 50 Gal Rudd water heater. It has been in place, sitting on a 3 foot stand, for 27 years. It has never been flushed, never had an element replaced, I have never done anything to the water heater. I do not know what it cost but the builder had placed it in a spec. house so I am sure it was not top of the line.

    I am looking for a Rudd to replaces it with.

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