State water heater is a product of State Industries, a subsidiary of A.O. Smith, the leading manufacturer of water heaters in the US.

Found in Nashville, Tennessee in 1946, the State Industries produced its first water heater, an electric one in 1948, followed by a gas water heater in 1954.

Today, State Industries has seven manufacturing plants for producing water heaters and many distribution centers across the country. Because of this strong sales and distribution network, State has been able to provide solid customer service and technical support.

Today State Industries has a wide and varied range of products that include both, residential and commercial hot water heaters that come with or without tanks as well as water heating equipments such as pump tank, expansion tank etc.

The two most popular water heater brands belonging to State Company are the Premier and Select. These are residential and gas fueled water heater units and come in a wide selection. State’s water heaters are reputed for high efficiency and recovery.


A subsidiary of AO Smith, State water heaters are equipped with some of the best technology and design features that maximize energy savings and optimize performance. Here’s a quick look at some of the features available in a State water heater that make them a good choice.

Blue Diamond: high-quality glass insulation material that protects the water tank of the water heater from rust and corrosion. The glass insulation works against energy loss and helps cut down on extra energy consumption leading to lower electricity bills even with high demand.

Automatic ‘PEX Self-Cleaning System’: a trademark technology used for reducing buildup of sediment on the bottom and walls of the water heater as well as the heating element.

Green Choice: an eco friendly gas burner that has been designed to cut down on NOx emissions and comply with the standards for the same.

FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance): an excellent safety feature that prevents accidental lighting of flammable vapors externally.

High-gauge SS: anode rod is made from high-gauge stainless steel and protects the steel tank against corrosion and rust.


State Industries produces traditional residential as well as commercial use water heaters that use electricity, gas, or oil to heat water. State manufactures water heaters with and without tanks as well as expansion tanks and heating accessories.

Many of State water heaters are EnergyStar rated while some have qualified for LEED points and can be used in Green Building developments.

  1. Ability to self-clean to reduce corrosion and sediment build up.
  2. 2-inches thick foam to effectively cut down on heat loss and increase heating efficiency.
  3. Many State water heaters come with built-in heat traps to heat water quickly.
  4. Low NOx emission on some State hot water heaters make them environment friendly as well as energy efficient.
  5. Blue DiamondTM glass lining inside the tanks with dual anode rods saves energy and optimizes heating.
  6. State electric water heaters are compliant with UL codes.
  7. All State hot water heater models come with factory fitted brass pressure valves.


State Water Heater Company manufactures four categories of gas residential tank water heaters and one tankless category. These categories are

1.  ‘Premier’ tank type water heaters. Has 3 different models based on factors like size, efficiency, as well as venting options)

  • Power Vent
  • Power Vent DV
  • Atmospheric Vent

2.    ‘Select’ tank type water heater
3.    ‘Scout’ water heaters (for manufactured housing)
4.    ‘Aurora’ tankless water heaters


Premier® Self-Cleaning Electric Water Heater

This is one of the most efficient electric water heater models for residences from the State stable.

1.    Unbelievable energy saving
2.    3-inches thick foam insulation to provide extra protection from radiant heat loss
3.    Silencer™ Heat Traps ensure significant energy savings
4.    Water heating operation is dependable and work smoothly for years
5.    Blue Diamond™ glass coating resists corrosion twice more than regular glass lining
6.    PEXAN™ “self-cleaning” dip tube can tolerate years of exposure to hot water
7.    10-year warranty on water heater tank as well as parts


State water heater is a product that is truly American.

Designed to meet the needs of American households and climatic conditions, State’s products are of high quality standards and designed to be as energy efficient as possible, with minimal maintenance requirements.

Wide network of dealers and distributors also ensures that you get both prompt customer service and technical support.

You can purchase products directly from the STATE INDUSTRIES website, or from other online retailers.

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12 Responses to “State Water Heater – Self-Cleaning Residential And Commercial Heaters”

  1. Bill Keglewitsch says:

    Do NOT buy State or AO Smith water heaters. They are poorly built and are backed by possibly the worst customer service in any industry. After only 3 weeks of ownership, a State water heater gave out. Customer service would not believe that it did not work. Then they refused to pay for the repairs to the unit. Then 4 weeks later it began to leak. $1200 thrown out at only 2 months old. AO Smith and State are horrible – ABSOLUTE JUNK!

  2. Dean Desroches says:

    Had 2 Units installed 6 years ago. Both are rusted, and have to be garbaged, no support.
    This appears to be more Junk for top dollar. When I discussed the “sorry no warranty” with my installer, this is what I was comforted in knowing… “they don’t make things like they used to”.

  3. Alden Segrest says:

    Model ES650DOLS installed 11/18/08. Thermostat failed rather quickly and was repaired at no cost to me. Then in February, 2010, I had to pay to have heating element replaced. Now, less than two years later (December 2011), not enough hot water for a decent shower. I will call for service tomorrow, but I suspect another heating element needs to be replaced.

  4. MY hot water control caught on fire and melted the foam lining the hotwater heater is 4 years old

  5. Gary Stewart says:

    2 years old, both are covered with rusty pool of water on top. One already gave out and is being replaced, the other is on the way. C R A P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW: these were professionally installed.

  6. Our State water heater has lasted 11 years. It had a 6 year warranty.

  7. Hollis Overall says:

    My State Electric 40 Gal is now on its 23nd year with the upper heating element and anode rod replaced at year 17. I makes all the hot water we need even with guests. Temp set at 135F (with temporing valve adj. to 115F) It is supplied with soft water, drained till clear monthly. Heating elements cleaned with vinegar every 3-4 years (when I can hear them heating water) will buy a State or AO Smith when this one dies.

  8. Jamal Rizvi says:

    Do NOT buy State water heaters. My first water heater went out within the first 4 years. I had to pay for an “upgrade” which is basically the same amount as a new water heater. This one went out in two years and now we are trying to get the service. It has been eight days without the hot water and we are nowhere close to resolving the issue. The customer service fellow “Allen” is a person without common sense and absolutely not helpful. Sitting in his office he has determined that the problem could be with the house or gas line but not with the water heater. While their own approved plumbing contractor has stated that the water heater needs to be replaced. These water heaters are just JUNK and even worst is the customer service. My advice is to you all is to NEVER buy anything made by this sub standard manufacturer.

  9. Our home STATE 40 Gal gas water heater installed in, 1984, is still running. Perfect, never had an issue.

  10. Gary w. Lenk says:

    Have had the pilot light go out twice within a week – are these heaters easily effected with high winds?

  11. Brian Farrell says:

    I have my State 850 water heater for 27 years. I never had a problem with the heater. Replacing it now , I got my monies worth. Looking to buy another State heater.

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