Titan water heater is a whole-house electric tankless heating unit manufactured by Niagara Industries Inc. Founded more than 20 years ago, the company manufactured the first Titan water heater in 1986 and has since then become one of the best and most selling water heaters universally. It’s the foremost choice for professionals like architects, builders, hotels, engineers and others.

Today Niagara Industries Inc has grown to become a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that spends a great deal of time and effort in research and development to design the most advanced water heaters for Americans. Using parts only produced in America for their Titans, Niagara has been supporting the country’s economy and generating jobs for the countrymen for 25 years now. Renowned for their cutting edge technology and compact and sleek designed water heaters, the company has some really big clients that include Ramada Inn, Florida International University, U.S. Embassy, Holiday Inn, and several others.

Besides the currently available SCR2, SCR3, SCR4, Titan SCR5 series that will cater to commercial consumer will be unveiled this year.

Why Choose

Titan water heaters are manufactured keeping the needs of households in current times in mind. As more and more consumers become environmentally aware, the consumer also demands energy-saving and environmentally friendly products that don’t compromise on features and functionality. While not the easiest combination to manage, Titan has managed to bring functionality and features together without compromising on either.

  1. NASA Technology: utilizing NASA technology, a Titan water heater brings you the most efficient heating ever. Using some of the same technology that NASA used to create hot water at Zero-gravity, Titan has recreated the science of heating water for their consumers.
  2. American made: A Titan water heater is 100% US made. All Titan water heaters have parts that have been made in the US, therefore as a consumer you get top quality and product assurance that only an American-made item can promise.
  3. Amazing Savings: Did you know that you can save almost 60% on your utility bill every month when you use a titan water heater? Because these units are tankless, they don’t store water nor heat it constantly, thus saving substantially on heating bills. A Titan heater on starts heating water when you turn on the faucet and therefore, only heats water when you want it to! So save big a Titan water heater.
  4. Compact Size: Yes, all Titan water heaters are compact in size and can be fitted just about anywhere in your home. A typical Titan is smaller than a fuse box and has a weight of around 10 pounds. Install one in a cabinet in your bathroom, or in a closet under your kitchen sink, you can simply stop worrying about making space to install a Titan.

What Do They Specialize In

Let’s take a look at the top notch features in a standard Titan water heater:

  1. 10-years limited warranty on the water casing plus, 1-year on the parts
  2. High quality products lead to up to 20 years of life expectancy
  3. 2 Nichrome elements
  4. Dual microtemp sensor with manual reset thermostat button for extra protection
  5. Very high energy efficiency
  6. Stainless steel casing
  7. Brass and copper interior components
  8. NASA technology

Types Of Water Heaters Offered

There are many different types of Titan electric tankless water heaters for consumers to choose from. However, some of the best selling Titan water heater series include:

  1. Titan SCR2
  2. Titan SCR3
  3. Titan SCR4
  4. Titan Laser

Top Model

All Titian water heaters are technologically advanced, and the SCR4 N-210 21kW Titan water heater is no different. It provides hot water instantaneously as and when you require it only.

Titan Tankless Water Heater, SCR4 N-210, 88 amps, 21 kW

Price: $454.00
Energy Efficiency: 99.5%


  • Continuous hot water
  • Recommended for medium – large homes
  • Compact size having dimensions: 12x11x3 inches
  • Brass casing for longer life
  • 2 Nichrome heating elements resistant to hard water
  • 10 years limited warranty on brass water casing; 1 year limited warranty on components


A Titan water heater is really one of the best water heaters in its class and the many features and excellent warranty make it even more attractive.

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2 Responses to “Titan Water Heater”

  1. I have owned two of the Titan SCR2 units over the past 4 years. Both failed at approximate 2 year intervals. I do not plan to purchase a 3rd unit to replace the latest failure and cannot recommend this unit to any prospective buyers. The Titan internet home page says that “These units historically outlast your standard tank model and are extremely reliable giving you years of hot endless water. Many units that were sold over two decades ago are still operating reliably.” It also states that “One TITAN-SCR2 unit can supply the hot water needs of entire homes and apartments, and with the energy savings this state of the art unit will pay for itself quickly over time.
    Neither statement rings true in my experience.
    WH – Pompano Beach, FL

  2. I have purchased 20 plus of these units for my customers believing in their reliability and customer satisfaction.
    If you have a problem with your Titan water heater you must bring it to the manufacturer to be repaired or replaced. This is unacceptable when your customers have to do without hot water for a whole day or more. Furthermore after repeated conversations with the place of purchase,
    Ace Hardware in this case, they assume no responsibility or warranty on behalf of the manufacturer. The manufacturer will repair or replace the unit at your expense and valuable time.
    I myself will never purchase or recommend another Titan hot water heater as long as I am in business and will spread the word to all my colleages to do the same. there are many different types and styles to chose from. Titan will no longer be mine!

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