Whirlpool water heaters are being manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation which is considered as the leading manufacturer and marketer in the world for different types of home appliances including water heaters.

The annual sales of Whirlpool Corporation are approximately $19 billion and the employee strength is more than 73,000.

Whirlpool brand of water heaters have been created with the help of innovative technology and the primary focus area is to provide continuous hot water supply without added energy bills.

The Whirlpool brand is dedicated and focused towards creating ENERGY STAR® qualified or rated appliances that uses almost 77 percent less energy vis-à-vis conventional water heaters. This is how Whirlpool helps consumers in saving money as well as natural resources.


FLAME LOCK® Safety System – The FLAME LOCK® Safety System is an innovation by Whirlpool that ensures that there is a reduced risk of accidental fire caused by inflammable vapors.

The Flame Lock system works in accordance to the requirement set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). According to ANSI all residential water heaters should be flammable vapor ignition resistant (FVIR).

Being a Flame Lock water heater system, all Whirlpool water heaters have a sealed combustion chamber.

Energy Smart® Gas Operation – The Energy Smart® water heater control in Whirlpool water heaters complements their FLAME LOCK® Safety System and thus provides higher water heating safety and efficiency.

It is an innovative system that helps in providing higher amount of hot water quickly and at a much lower cost.

Whirlpool water heaters come with an Energy Smart® mode, which can automatically adjust the water temperature based on various usage patterns and thus help in saving money and energy.

Energy Smart® Electric Operation – The main purpose of the Energy Smart® electric water heaters is to prevent any type of dry firing of elements.

Dry firing normally takes place when the element within gets energized even when it has not completely submerged in water and thus it burns out immediately.

Due to the dry fired element, most water heaters fail to perform but due to Whirlpool’s innovative technology, it is completely protected.


Whirlpool water heaters are one of the leaders in the industry.

Whirlpool offers both gas and electric water heaters with innovative and state-of-the-art technology that makes them energy efficient, increases their overall performance, and makes them easy to install and use.

Some of the salient points of Whirlpool water heaters are:

  1. Lower NOx emissions as compared vis-à-vis standard water heaters
  2. 1-Inch Non-CFC Foam Insulation makes it extremely efficient
  3. Push Button Pilot Light Igniter with a View Port that offers ease of lighting pilot
  4. Energy Smart® Self-Diagnostic Gas Control comes with 3 user-selectable operating modes, which can monitors 8 different critical functions.


There are several different types of water heaters offered by Whirlpool in the Gas and Electric water heater category.

Whirlpool water heaters vary and design and use of technology and can be chosen depending on the size of the family or gallon capacity required.

Below is the latest range of Whirlpool water heaters:

  1. Energy Smart® Control System – Tall Models
  2. Flame Lock® Safety System – Self Cleaning Models
  3. Flame Lock® Safety System – Tall Models
  4. Flame Lock® Safety System Models – Short Models
  5. Ultra Low NOx Emissions Models
  6. Regular and Slim Models – Electric
  7. Low Profile Models – Electric
  8. Compact Point-of-Use Models – Electric
  9. Mobile Home Models – Electric


40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater with Flame Lock® Safety System

Price:    $400.00
Energy Efficiency: 90%

The Whirlpool 40 Gallon Natural Gas water heater is a short model heater that has the built in FLAME LOCK® Safety System and has a low NOx emission.

It is considered as one of the perfect gas water heaters for residential units.

1.    Gas BTU unit of 40,000 BTU’s
2.    Continuous hot water supply
3.    Energy factor of 0.49
4.    Combination Gas Valve/Thermostat with Vacation Setting
5.    6-year parts limited manufacturer warranty


Whirlpool water heaters have a high standard for quality, efficiency, and performance.

If you are looking for a water heater that helps you save money and at the same time offers continuous hot water then the Whirlpool Gas and Electric water heaters offer all these and much more.

There are a huge variety of models to choose from and each model has been created using Whirlpool’s advanced technology.

You can purchase products directly from the WHIRLPOOL website, or from other online retailers.

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4 Responses to “Whirlpool Water Heaters – State-of-the-Art Gas And Electric Heaters”

  1. yesac senoj says:

    anyone looking for a water heater should steer well clear of anything whirlpool offers. I bought one five years ago and have had nothing but problems with it. while the tank still holds water, the tank destroys thermalcouples like they are going out of style. for models with the flame lock system they will cost 3 or 4 times what a normal thermalcouple costs and they are left hand threaded, so you cant just put on a regular thermalcouple without changing the entire thermostat. i finally broke down and replaced the thermostat (over $50.00 american currency) after the damn thing went through 3 in 2 weeks. there is a class action lawsuit against whirlpool and their faulty overpriced flame lock thermalcouples. now we are having problems with the electronic ignitor. take my advice and dont by a whirlpool water heater. they are feces.

  2. Greg Wirick says:

    I have a faulty Whirlpool waterheater also.
    Do Not Buy These! They are Faulty from the new box from Lowes.

  3. Leonard Cordato says:

    Too bad I didn’t read these complaints before I purchased a Whirlpool product. Do yourself a favor and do not purchase a Whirlpool Hot Water heater. The product quality is poor and their customer service is extremely poor. They do not stand behind their product or warranty.

  4. It’s truly hard to imagine a more worthless piece of crap than a “state of the art” Whirlpool model. If you own this water heater the neighborhood plumber is set to become your best freind, so I hope your pockets are deep. I read of class action lawsuits against them and it’s high time they were held accountable for ripping off consumers. And remember – friends don’t let friend’s buy Whirlpool.

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