We are living in an age when solar panels are being used more and more due to the quick depletion of other energy resources.

One of the best uses of solar panels is in a solar batch water heater.

In the years to come, we might even see solar propelled cars and jets as well or something far more bigger like entire cities being powered by solar energy or some such.

The question is: have you installed a solar water heater at your home? If not, then are you planning on installing one?

If you are looking forward to a greener way of living life, the best way to start it is by installing a batch solar water heater.

What Is A Batch Solar Water Heater?

Did you know batch water heaters can help you save the energy consumption of your household by almost 15%? Yes, that’s true and this simply means that you end up paying less and saving more.

This is the very fact that has made solar water heaters such a hot favorite even in colder regions, not just in the US but worldwide.

If you are looking for a DIY kit then you will be glad to know that solar batch water heaters are available as kits that can be assembled at home. This will help you to save on installation by third party personnel or experts.

Batch water heater

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A batch solar water heater is considered as one the cost effective solar heating devices in the market today. These water heaters work on the principle of absorbing sun’s energy and transforming it into heat.

Depending on the amount of heat absorbed by solar panels mounted on your roof, the quantity of hot water flowing into your kitchen or bathroom will vary. This simply means that in the morning and early evenings; the batch system will take longer to heat water while in the mid-afternoon, heating will be faster.

At the heart of a batch solar water heater is the solar collector and storage tank. The storage tank stores water and is normally well insulated. The storage tank of the heater has an outlet as well as an inlet connected to and from the solar plates.

Installing A Batch Water Heater System

A batch water heater system is most commonly known as a passive solar heating system. These water heaters have a simple structure and design and require minimal or zero maintenance.

A simple design means that it doesn’t have electronic controls, heat transfer fluids, pumps, or heat exchangers.

Passive batch solar water heater

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You can easily install a batch solar water heater into the plumbing of your home. You can even have a stand-alone system running out of your barn or backyard.

The question is: How easy is it to install a solar batch water heater?

The installation process is fairly easy and you can do it at home although there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration.

Some of these key considerations are:

The climate in your region or state or city: This is fairly important because most solar batch water heaters are not able to perform well in freezing temperatures. For example: if you are living in Alaska then a batch water heater might not be the best buy, but if you are living in Texas then go for it.

Solar resource: This stands for the amount of sunshine your solar heater plates or collector receives. Some places have 340 days of sunshine while others get barely 60 days of sunlight.

So depending on the amount of sunlight you can get; the installation of the solar collectors of the heater will be placed in your home. For example: if you feel that installing the plates on the roof of your home facing east will help the collectors to absorb maximum sunlight then that is where they should be installed.

Safety issues: You need to consider the local building code requirements as well as safety issues mentioned in dictates of your state. You can always find details regarding local building code requirements on the community website of your city or legal website of your state. These codes have to be followed and safety issues need to be taken care of.

DIY or Contractor:  You need to consider whether you want to do the installation all by yourself or want to hire the expertise of qualified heating systems contractors. This is completely a personal decision but experts believe that if you are not too confident about installing the system, best leave it to professionals because mishaps can happen.

Maintenance issues: Last but not the least; you need to consider the maintenance issues. Of course, if you are installing a batch water heater then you can be rest assured that maintenance will not be a problem, but even then it is advised to consult the system provider.

One of the important things to remember is that your heating system might need occasional cleaning, especially the solar collectors in very dry seasons. Apart from that complete maintenance of the system once in 3-4 years would be enough to keep it going strong for many years.

The bottom line is that a solar batch water heater is a low maintenance system and it will definitely help you to lower your household water heating bills.

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