Why use electric tankless water heaters? One of the biggest wasters of electricity is your hot water heater.

Regular tank style water heaters, no matter how energy efficient, are a big waste of electricity.

Why you may ask? Because they still use an outdated way of heating water.

With a tank heater, the water in the tank has to be kept at a constant temperature, even if it is not in use. Every time the temperature drops below a certain point, the power turns on in order to heat the water back up.

If you want a truly fuel efficient way to heat your water, use a tankless water heater, often referred to as an inline heater.

Why choose a water heater that doesn’t have a tank? There are many different reasons for using tankless water heaters.

For one thing there are two models to choose from gas, as well as electric.

The electric tankless water heaters are the best for people who are trying to get off the power grid, or cut down on their electricity usage. The other reason for using them is that they only heat up the water when you need it.

How Gas And Electric Tankless Water Heaters Work

Instead of a large tank that holds the water, and a heating element on the bottom, the tank has two sets of pipes running through it. The outer coil of pipes has an intake and an output.

The water fills this first coil. The inner coil is the power source, in this case, the electric heating element. There is also a valve and a sensor at the intake.

When you turn on the water, this valve opens, allowing water to flow through the system. The censor also activates, and the heat turns on.

Instead of trying to heat up a whole water tank, the element heats the coil of water, bringing it up to the appropriate temperature almost immediately. Water flowing out of the system is hot water.

When you are finished with your shower, or dish washing, or whatever, you simply turn the hot water off, the flow stops, the censor turns off and the heat stops, until you are ready to use it again.

There are some disadvantages to these systems, but the advantages far outweigh the cons. Sure, these electric tankless water heaters can’t handle multiple tasks as well, but you aren’t going to be taking a shower and washing clothes at the same time.

Some people say that it takes at least a gallon of water for the water to heat up. While in some cases this may be true, it depends on how far the unit is from the application.

Because these systems are small and compact, unlike a tank, you can put the fairly close to where you need them, like under the sink in the kitchen, or bathroom. Because they don’t use a tank, they weigh far less than those old outdated water heaters.

Now you may be asking yourself if they are more expensive that a tank heater. The truth is that they are very comparable in initial cost. An average hot water heater is going to run you at least two to three hundred dollars, and a standard tankless hot water heater will also start around three hundred dollars.

But there is substantial savings as well. For one thing, electric tankless water heaters use far less energy. Because you aren’t trying to heat up water all the time, it can also save water.

There are many different places you can go for electric tankless water heater, but your biggest and best choices are online. You can go to places like Amazon, or you can buy directly from the manufacturer. Many companies that make and sell these heaters also offer free shipping, big warranties, and guarantees.

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