The main reason why it’s a good idea to choose a gas tankless water heater is that natural gas, and propane are one of the most abundant natural resources in our country.

It is far cleaner burning than many of the ways that electricity is produced, and heats up faster than electric tankless water heaters. This means the recovery and the heat rise in water tanks is much higher than electric models.

Unless you are using some kind of alternative power source, like solar or wind, this is the smartest way to go.

How are gas tankless water heaters different from the old style models, using a large water tank?

For one, they don’t use a tank to store water. They are much more energy efficient, because you are not using energy to heat water even when your not actually using any hot water.

With the old style tank heaters, water is heated whenever the temperature drops, and it takes awhile for the water the heat back up. A gas tankless hot water system works differently.

Tankless water heaters, or inline heaters as they are also commonly referred too, heat the water by a coil inside the unit. The outer coil is the water, the inner part is the heating element.

It operates like this. When you turn on your hot water tap, or use a hot water application, the inlet valve opens and the water flows through the unit. This valve also triggers a censor, which turns on the gas heat.

As the water flows through, it is heated up to the right temperature, and comes out hot. It is hot as long as you need it, and doesn’t run out like those tank heaters, that need hours to heat back up. When you are done using it, the valve closes, the censor turns off the heat, and it waits for your next use.

Why Use Tankless Gas Water Heaters

Some may ask if these tankless gas water heaters work better. Yes they do, and in fact, because of their smaller size, they can be installed almost anywhere.

While some may say that it takes longer for the water to get hot, in reality it doesn’t take any longer than a regular tank heater, because the tank heater is usually in the basement, far away from where it is needed.

With the inline heater, you can put it close to where you are going to use it, like under the kitchen sink, or in a cabinet in the bathroom, or right next to your washing machine.

Because they only work when needed, they are much more energy efficient. This is ideal in the world today, when we are all thinking about how to use less energy, and save the planet.

Because natural gas and propane burn much cleaner that other fossil fuels, they don’t pollute our environment nearly as much as coal, and petroleum products that are used to power electrical plants. There are many ways that using a gas tankless water heater is much better than electric, or the tank heaters.

Because of the availability of natural gas and propane, you can easily change you system over to gas. Even if you live in a rural area, chances are there is a propane company near you.

In many cases gas and propane companies offer many incentives to new customers. Whether it is installing gas or propane into your home, or in the case of propane, letting you use the tank for free, you can get converted to gas fairly quickly, and for very little money out of pocket.

Some may ask if a gas tankless water heater is more expensive than conventional models. Many tank heaters cost around three hundred dollars for basic models.

Gas inline heaters start at around four hundred, depending on where you buy them, but if you take into consideration the energy you save, then they really are not only comparable to regular water heaters, but less expensive in the long run.

You may find them at local home improvement retailers, but these are going to be far more expensive than by going online. There are many websites like as well as ordering directly from manufacturers like Bosch, Noritz, and Rheen, and these companies don’t charge shipping in most cases.

So if you are truly trying to conserve energy, you should really purchase a gas tankless water heater instead. You will find that over the long run, you will be very satisfied with your decision.

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