Noritz tankless water heaters have been in the top ten brands of  water heating for a number of years and it is easy to see why.

Noritz offers outstanding service, the latest in technologies, and customer satisfaction, and they have grown by leaps and bounds.

Not only do the provide quality products that will give you years of use, but the Noritz tankless hot water heaters are made with the planet in mind.

For one, Noritz has the largest selection of tankless, or inline hot water heaters that have some of the highest EnergyStar ratings possible.

This company also helps the environment in other ways, they make all of their units with recyclable materials, and parts that are replaceable, rather than having to toss out the whole unit when on piece wears out. This reduces the over 7 million tank style water heater that end up in land fills every year.

That’s not all, the reduction in emissions and contribution to green house gases could also be reduced if every household would switch over to a tankless hot water heater. The reduction in CO2 alone would be like taking almost 7 million vehicles off the road.

So as you can see, buying a Noritz tankless water heater can not only reduce your utility bills, but also help do your part to save our environment.

Why buy a Noritz over another brand?

There are many different reasons. The biggest components to a tankless water heater are the burner and heat exchange, the heart of the system. How efficient, durable, and how well they perform, depend largely on the quality and technologies used in these components.

Instead of using just one flame burner, Noritz utilizes two burners instead, not only heating the water running through the system faster, but the second row also captures and burns and left over gases that have escaped from the first, reducing emissions, stabilizing water heat variations, and boosting flow rate.

They also use a commercial grade heat exchanger, which is the main component that takes most of the abuse from the heater.

Recommended Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Nortiz has many different models and capacities of tankless water heaters to choose from, and are available in both natural gas, and liquid propane models. They also come in different water flow capacities.

One of the basic models is the Noritz 7.5GPM Tankless natural gas water heater. The 631 series is ideal for homes that need to supply water for three different applications.

When sized properly, the 631S can supply a steady output of hot water to run all of these at one time. It is compatible for both outdoor, and well as indoor uses. It has a 180,000 maximum BTU, at the 6.3GPM minimum output. This Noritz tankless water heater sells for just under $900.

The Direct Vent Propane model N069M DV LP model can be safely used indoors, and is used with an indoor wall hung direct venting system, for maximum safety in mind, this unit can be adjusted from 25,000 to 194,000 BTU’s, and has an output of up to almost 8GPM. It has adjustable heat settings, a 74 watt freeze prevention system for exterior mounting, and sells for $1,299.

Some homes may need more water capacity than others. Whether you have more than two bathrooms, or like to run multiple applications at one time. Noritz also has large capacity tankless hot water heaters for this purpose as well.

One of them is the Noritz ASME Natural Gas Heater with a 9.3GPM capacity. It is ASME certified, uses natural gas and still has a thermal efficiency rating of 84%. This unit sells for just under $2,000.

This Noritz tankless water heater with 9.3GPM capacity is one of the first products offered that is made with commercial grade components and materials. It also has a redesigned heat exchange, duel burners, which will boost powern while lowering minimum flow requirements.

This unit is for outdoor use, and is ideal for most commercial applications. This product sells for $1,660.

Noritz also provides great warranties on all of their products as well. For residential heaters, there is a 12 year heat exchange replacement, and a five year replacement warranty on units for commercial applications.

For all other parts, there is a five year warranty, with one year of approved labor.

Since Noritz tankless water heaters are high-capacity performance water heaters, Noritz wants to insure that their units will be installed by a professional for proper installation – so they do not sell in retail stores.

This will also help protect your investment, since the warranty will be void if their units are not installed by a licensed contractor.

To find a professional installer, go to the Noritz website and look for “Find An Installer” option in the left navigation menu.

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  1. Getting a Noritz tankless heater was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. It has been nothing but trouble with frozen tanks, lines, and now a defective flow sensor. I paid 2k for this unit and I have had to heat this thing up with a blow dryer for the last 3 weeks while both Noritz and the plumbers they have recommended have never helped or have shown up at my home to trouble shoot. My advice. DO NOT BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Chuck,
    just to respond to your post. It sounds to me and I am just going off of what you have said, that it is an installation issue and not a Noritz issue.

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