Rheem tankless water heaters should be your top choice if you need a high quality fuel efficient and high capacity, gas tankless water heater.

For one thing, Rheem has a water heater for just about any application you can think up. They can be used in residential situations, either as a whole home heater, installed as the construction is going on, or while you are putting a new addition on.

Rheem tankless water heaters can be found in many vacation homes, even with altitudes that are up to and even over 9,000 feet, where the water table temperatures are very cold, even in the summer.

If you are a business that uses a lot of hot water, then the Rheem is the way to go as well. Rheem inline hot water heaters are unique, not only because the provide up the 180d of hot water over an extended period of time, but you can operate more than one unit at the same time with their EZ Connecting manifold system, to piggy back units, and produce either more heat, or operate more applications at once, up to twenty at a time.

Don’t worry about their individual operations because they can be synchronized to operate solely from one unit and one remote controller. Speaking of remote control – there is a convenient thermostat for raising or lowering the ambient room temperature, usually conveniently located on the main floor.

How many times have you wished you didn’t have to go down into the basement when you wanted to turn the heat up on you water?

With the Rheem tankless water heater, you can adjust the controls easily without having to trudge down into the basement, or opening a closet door. Rheem utilizes a modulating controller on the unit itself, as well as a remote control, which you can install in any convenient location.

One of the problems with most inline water heaters is that they can only be used for one, maybe two applications at a time. What happens if you need to operate three appliances, or two appliances and a shower, or two people want to take a shower at the same time?

Your water, while warm, isn’t going to be as comfortable as you want it to be. With Rheem tankless water heaters, this is something you never have to worry about.

Rheem gas water heaters are available in different sizes and capacities, for what ever your needs happen to be. If by some chance you need even more applications, you can attach two units or more together to work in tandem for even more output.

Recommended Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless hot water tank 53 Indoor Direct Vent Series can supply you with all the hot water you will need for up to two bathrooms, and supplies water at 5.3GPM.

Features for this series include the UMC-117 remote control which can be used right away, with adjustment setting from 120-140 degrees. If you need an extra controller, you can simply order another one separately. This model is also available in an outdoor unit as well.

The Tankless 66 hot water series is available in an indoor as well as outdoor models, and is ideal for 2-3 applications at the same time, with an output of 6.6 gallons per minute.

There is also the 74, an outdoor Rheem tankless water heater with an almost seven and a half gallon output, and the 95 indoor series with a 9.5GPM output.

While all of these models vary in price, none of them cost over $1,300, with many models well below $1,000. there are many features that come standard with all models, including the remote controllers.

Some of the other features include their compact size, many that are no bigger than a standard medicine cabinet. Because of this, they take up much less space that other tankless water heaters, which leave plenty of room for storage, or even water softeners if needed in your area.

Just because of their small size, don’t be fooled. There are sophisticated technological advances that make the size smaller, but offer more features and benefits.

There are user friendly temperature controls, status monitoring, and if any maintenance is required Rheem tankless water heaters also have self diagnostic capabilities.

Every Rheem water heater has a substantial warranty. You get a 12 year heat exchange warranty, five years on all other parts, and on year on labor. Not many other brands of tankless water heaters can offer all these features and warranty.

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