Takagi tankless water heaters provide endless hot water, peace of mind, quality, and low emissions all in one package.

Takagi hot water heaters also have one of the highest thermal efficiency rating in the industry, a whopping 92% with natural gas, and 95% with propane.

With 15 years on the American market, and over fifty in Japan, Takagi in a leader in the industry. With direct venting that uses PVC instead of metal, and a zero clearance rating, you can put one of these units just about anywhere.

With the advanced T-K3, you can also link up to four Takagi tankless water heaters with just one controller.

Takagi has been on the forefront of advanced technology in tankless water heater design, from advanced components, user friendly controls and easy compatibility, they have advanced features that no one else can say.

They are reliable, because they are simple, and they are durable because they go through the most extensive testing around, and use commercial grade materials, in or the to make products for heavy use.

Safety Of Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

With Takagi, there are many product innovations that focus on safety features, and this company provides the peace of mind that you product will be safe and reliable. All of the units are factory set at 122 degrees, providing a safe temperature, that is also comfortable.

All products use the safest venting possible. Venting is sealed from the top of the unit itself, all the way to the outside, and includes an exhaust fan that fully expels all gases from the unit.

Monitoring devices make sure the unit is functioning properly, and miniature computers monitor the unit so you don’t need to. With Takagi tankless water heaters, there is no pilot, so it is safe even in an earthquake.

All of their products are certified by three different agencies, the NSF, the CSA, as well as the ASME. These associations have deemed all products manufactured by Takagi to be safe for residential as well as commercial applications.

Takagi Going Green

This is not just a concept for Takagi tankless water heaters, but a standard in all that they offer. The have been ISO certified, have won many awards from the U.S. Green Building Council, of which they are a member.

They are also partnered with EnergyStar, a world recognized leader in energy efficiency. They have a stand by wattage of just three watts, and offer from 30-50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Recommended Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

The Takagi Jr. TK-JR-P tankless water heater uses propane and is just twenty inches high, and weighs just forty pounds, and is the most compact of the Takagi line. It will not only produce an endless amount of water for smaller homes, but also provides radiant heat as well.

This compact unit uses all the same technologies and it’s larger brothers, but on a small scale. While using propane, it is also available in a natural gas model as well. This unit is priced at just under $600.

Another model for small residential applications is the Takagi T-K3-NG whole house inline hot water heater, which can be mounted inside or out, and even comes with a recessed case so it can be mounted in between wall studs. It is only 13.8” high, and weighs just 40 pounds.

It also features a built in power venting system, that requires a category III venting, or caps. This unit starts heating water at just .5GPM and can keep water at the right temperature even at a maximum rate of 7GPM. This unit also has four different temperature settings, from 113-167 degrees.

This model is not linkable to other units, or vent convertible. This unit sells for $1054.68.

The Takagi T-K3-OS is the best selling outdoor model for residential applications. This model is built for just outdoor installation, but does not require any additional ventilation, making it easier to install.

Because it is made for the exterior, it makes it great for warmer climates. It does have built in power venting, but doesn’t require anything else.

This Takagi tankless water heater has a thermal rating of 83%, and may be used with natural gas or propane making it very efficient and clean burning. This unit has the same adjustable settings, and GPM requirements. For an exterior unit, it is very reasonably priced at just $881.76.

You can purchase products directly from the Takagi website, or from other online retailers. For a broader selection of Takagi tankless hot water heaters, it is better to buy online then from local retailers.

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