A Titan tankless water heater will suit your needs best if you live in warmer climate, where the groundwater is above 60 degrees on a regular basis.

While Titan company has only been in business for a relatively short amount of time, since 1986, it has proven itself to be a leader in the field of water heater technology.

Titan tankless water heaters are found in apartments, homes, and businesses here and abroad. The Florida International University has their tankless heaters installed, as well as many hotels, including the Holiday Inn, Plaza San Martin, and the Romada, just the name a few.

You will find a Titan tankless hot water heater even in large homes, with three to four bathrooms. This company makes products that can supply hot water for two to three different applications at a time, when water reduction products are also installed.

Some of these can be low flow shower heads, as well as water restrictors. 1 and a half to 2 gallons per minute is enough to keep at least two different applications going at the same time.

Titan is company whose products are made in America, by hard working people just like you. Every unit is built here and tested here, so when you buy one of these products, you know that you are putting your money where it counts, right here in the United States.

So you get the quality you trust as well as the peace of mind that your product will last a long time. Their engineers also collaborate with workers at NASA, to bring space age technology to water heating.

This means that high speed electronic circuitry is integrated into some of their newer products, such as the Titan SCR2, which is available right now for you use.

Not only does the Titan tankless water heater employ the latest in electronics but the system is also easy to control and use. Because this company only focuses on electric water heaters, they can devote their workforce into developing the best products for the lowest costs.

Cost, plus quality is one of the most important parts about owning a tankless water heater. With the Titan brand, not only are their products priced well below other manufacturers, but they outlast the more expensive brands, and have a lifespan of over twenty years.

This means that when you buy their products, you don’t have to worry about having to replace it in ten to fifteen years. So not only will you see an energy savings up to 60%, but you will also save in replacement costs.

Recommended Titan Tankless Water Heaters

Titan makes two different styles of products, one, the titan SCR2 series, for warmer climates, and the Tempra Series, for areas where the annual groundwater temperature falls below 60 degrees. Both lines of products are quite reasonably priced.

The SCR2 N-120 Titan tankless hot water heater it just right for area where the ambient water temperature is above 65degrees, and can provide enough hot water to supply 2-3 bathroom homes.

It has a variable temperature rise, with 81 at 1 gallon a minute to 20 at 40 gallons a minute. It uses half inch water connections, and a maximum PSI of 150.

It’s minimum activation rate it .5GPM, and uses a standard 240V electrical outlet. This unit is very popular and versatile, and costs just $279.99

Other products in the SCR2 series include the N-64, which also costs the same price. This unit has a temperature rise of 44 degrees to 11 degrees, and is recommended for applications over 70.

It too uses the standard 240 outlets. There is also the N-160 priced at $479, the N-100, at $279, and the N-85, also at $279. these models all com with a one year unlimited warranty, and a ten year limited warranty.

The Tempra Series has seven different models to choose from. The basic model, the Tempra 12 Stiebel-Eltron tankless hot water heater are for homes that have a high demand, but use on application at a time with low flow rate.

It can heat up one gallon per minute at a rise of 82 degrees, all the way up to 4GPM at 20D. It uses the same standard system requirements as the Titan series, as well as has the same manufacturer’s warranty. This unit costs just $545.

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