Water heater reviews on this page cover both types of heaters – those with a tank and tankless. The reviews also give prospective water heater buyers a low-down on the best brands, best features, and expected prices for different types of water heaters in the market.

How To Differentiate Between Reviews

Choosing a water heater is similar to buying a car. It has to meet with specific minimum standards for energy efficiency and safety. Moreover, the pricing has to be right when compared with the features you are likely to get.

Perhaps that’s why it isn’t surprising that more and more people rely on expert water heater reviews to help them with proper guidelines for choosing water heaters that are the best in their league.

Be wary of reviews for water heaters that pitch one brand against the other. Go with reviews that provide a detailed cost comparison, and discuss about the various pros and cons of water heaters brands and their models in their specific categories.

Many experts also provide important and valuable insight into the making of water heaters for a more realistic ranking of the top 3 or top 5 manufacturers of water heaters, which is one of the most common ways to decide on which hot water heater to invest in.

Energy Efficiency Info To Look For When Browsing Online Water Heater Reviews

As fuel prices continue to rise and rise, it’s become important to buy a water heater that’s energy-efficient and easy to maintain.
Pay special attention to the new Energy Star ratings for various branded models mentioned in the reviews. The new energy ratings kicked in since the 1st of January 2009.

Many brands like GE and Paloma have also introduced hybrid electric water heaters in the market. The heat pump for such models is located right inside the tank of a storage water heater. This ensures better energy efficiency, quick heating, and more savings.

While reading the various water heater reviews, also look for any available federal tax credits given to customers who install energy-saving water heaters. Currently the federal government is giving up to 30 percent or a maximum of $1500 rebate on Energy Star rated tankless water heaters that use gas or propane as fuel. The same credit is available on electric water heaters as well.

Some gas storage water heaters also qualify for up to $1500 credit, however the rider is that they should have an Energy Factor or EF rating of 0.82.

Note: Get 30% credit on the price of buying + installing new technology products like solar energy water heaters till 2016.

Design & Other Features To Look For

The shape, design, and other features like placement of the temperature valve, etc are some very important things to pay attention to when out shopping for water heaters. While they may seem small or immaterial initially, when you start using the water heater, you may find out otherwise.

Making The Final Decision

Once you have shortlisted a few brands and models based on their energy star rating, warranty period, features, design, overall efficiency, and price, its best to take these factors as a starting point and not the only factors to make the purchase.

For example – warrant period can be misleading because warranties tend to cover only specific parts and not the labor charges. Moreover, warranties are applicable only for the first owner and void if you are the second owner.

Some of the tops brands for tank and tankless water heaters offered from manufacturers like Reliance, Marathon, Rudd, and Bradford water heaters have the best reputation for their build quality as well as promptness of repairs.

Some of the other large water heater brands include Bock, Lochinvar, Kenmore, Powerstar, and A.O. Smith that are known for their energy-efficient hot water heaters.

After checking the water heater reviews, also get the opinion of your trusted plumber as he will be the best person to make repairs on your appliance, quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

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